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I guess I consider myself lucky

I’m particularly proud and grateful of the fact that I’ve never taken a single one of you for granted. True, I take some of our moments together for granted, but never you guys. That was the only reason I wanted to make this post. Well, I also wanted to write something meaningful and epic, but to be honest I can’t put my heart into it. So before I reach the brink of uber depression or despair, I just wanted to mention this. I don’t know whether you guys are lucky or not for being the only ones who know. I just want to say I’m really sorry for telling you all of this, especially during the holidays.

That being said, I’m also somehow thankful that you guys do know. It seemed like the appropriate thing to do you know? I was also really touched and surprised that you guys seemed to care so much. All of you are amazing people and I just regret doing this. After leaving Fremont, I was adamently convinced that I’ll never find friendship again. All of you simply proved me wrong. As a person that absolutely despises being wrong, I’m actually quite happy.

On a seperate note, it snowed very lightly yesterday for approximately ten minutes in Evergreen. The streets were littered with specks of white, which quickly melted into clearness. Eddie said it was a gift. In spite of the circumstances and all, I’ve never been more happy in my entire life. Unbelievably enough, and no offense to Teresa, Martin, and Saurav, this beats an American flag any day. =D 

Thanks you guys! =]


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