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Dear girl,

I don’t know if we’ve met, but know that I love you. (I also hope that you haven’t succumbed to something crazy like sudden infant death syndrome or spontaneous combustion and that you’re doing well but anyways…)

Darling, you’re strong and you’re wise… and because of this we’ll have much to argue about. I know that our time together will have its stormy weathers and uphill battles, but honestly, which couples wouldn’t? Everyone will have their battles. The perfect couples aren’t the ones that never argue, but the ones that still stand fast after the storm.

I want to be able to laugh with you and enjoy the little things in life like throwing handfuls of bread crumbs at pigeons and brace for the impact of flapping wings or go tree climbing with you and be trapped at the tallest branch because we’d be too scared to come back down, then pass it off as an excuse to watch the moon rise. I want to be able to learn from you… not just how to cook a recipe or how to sail a boat, but how to live life and how to make a relationship last. That’s what I’ll love about you. And in return, I’ll place you above all others and you’ll always come first in my life. Why? Because at the moment I meet you, at the very second you walk into my life, I’ll acquire an eternal debt from you that I’ll try to pay off (in vain) every breathing moment afterwards.

You’re hazardous to my health because every time I see you, my heart will forget to beat. Every time I hear your melodious voice calling me, I’ll forget that I was in the middle of a busy street and only focus on you. But even so, you’re a precious gift from God and I’ll always scratch my head, wondering what the hell I did to even begin to deserve you in the first place, and wondering what kinds of devious things you’ve done to deserve me. You’ll be too good for me, but I’ll try my best to live up to it.

Until we meet,


(May 16, 2011: wtf was I even thinking??)


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2 Responses

  1. map0wt0fu says:

    nice dude. I can’t imagine her face when you get to show her this letter 😀

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