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Nice guys finish last… why?

It’s arguable whether I’m one of the nice ones or not, but I consider myself one. I don’t know, but I hear a lot of girls always complaining about how all of the nice guys are taken and how there are nobody but jerks left. Uh, HELLO? The honest truth is that there are too many of us.

It really sucks when we see someone we like continually chase after a guy who, to put it delicately, is a pure jackass. He’d constantly stand her up or treat her carelessly. And she continues to go after him, day after day, night after night. Why? WHY?

My guess? Girls are a completely different species -__-, And as such, their logic is pure bullshit. Ahh, I’m sounding a bit like Martin.


I’m probably wrong about this, so correct me if I am. Girls hate to be with guys like us. We make the perfect friends. And just friends. When their crush totally owns them, we’re the ones they come to because we already got the tissues and the nonfat ice cream ready =P But when it comes to relationships, they want adventure, something to go after. I mean seriously, if I hooked up with someone, there will be.. okay some challenges sure, but nice guys will go out of their way to make their girl happy. No threats are posed, there’s nothing to work towards, and it becomes a dull-fest, like watching a movie with no problems. Well, that’s just my two cents. Which is why I’m going to change!

Maybe I should switch sides. But really, I don’t think I can, because I’m just a pleasant person in general. It takes effort to break through my steel bars of happiness to reach the anger inside. As Freud would say, my id is too suppressed by my super ego. (I hate psychology >.<)

In the end, there’s always a good chance that the “bad guys” will win. But if you stick to your side long enough, maybe it’ll pay off. Maybe. Maybe….

“Ah who cares! I repel women…” Ross


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2 Responses

  1. KC says:

    i like this! lol… a girl i must say…i too think that all the good guys are few and hard to find…but there are those who differ 🙂

  2. Bao Pham says:

    Haha thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed this.

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