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So last Saturday was the decisive game between UC Davis and Cal Poly and, from what I heard, they’re rivals in football (I assume that we essentially have the same mascot?). And so, feeling hyped from the tension and overall excitement from the campus, I decided to do something a little crazy.


What chu looking at?

It wasn’t just me that was really into the football game. There were plenty of others as contributed their fair share.



Diana the Artist


Unfortunately, not everybody was as enthusiastic as the rest of campus

However, after a lot of heckling on my part and a bribe here and there, I got Clarence to adopt some war paint.



Woot! War Paint FTW!



Blue Hair!

And then, it was time for the football game!




Where do all of these people come from?

I couldn’t fully take a picture of everybody that arrived in anticipation of the game, but I tried.

The decisive game was a fight over the Golden Horseshoe, which had been taken from Davis for about 4 years now.



The Coveted Prize

The game was, not to understate anything, EPIC. There were many impressive plays from both teams, but there could only be one winner.




In the end, Davis won 23-10. We won back our Golden Horseshoe and in the first time in four years!

Unfortunately, not everybody participated in this momentous event.



Who's the sad, little boy?

Next time, your university participates in an epic battle versus your rival school, you should go. No, you MUST go.



Don't give me that look...

Hahaha, so yeah, the football game was awesome.

I’m glad we won, that face paint wasn’t for nothing then. I have a few more pictures that I plan to upload. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to upload all of them.










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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    tell James he fails as a college student……especially one LIVING IN THE DORMS!!!!!

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