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Memories in a tofu


I got one after all...

I could try to make an inspirational post like Teresa had on that memorable day. But no matter how impressive or straight forward I may write, it will never do that day justice, that day of October 24th, 2oo9. So instead, I’ll take every ounce of memory of that day… every sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch… every shred of joy and laughter… and cram it all into this little tofu guy, a 3in. x 3in. x 3in. little mascot of 10/24/2009.

On a seperate note… I was incredibly touched at the sheer number of birthday wishes I got from people, because taking even a few seconds out of their lives to type in a happy birthday shows that they thought of me in those short seconds and that they care. I’ll curse the day I take any of you for granted.


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