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Berkeley was fun

That’s pretty much all I have to say. Gone were the days where I would describe each and every story with loving detail. The journey just keeps getting better and better and I just soak in more and more memories until I no longer have enough effort or patience to talk about everything. In a nutshell, Marcus and I took BART, overshot one station, fixed it, came out, met with others. Took a short tour and went to everyone’s dorm. FFW…FFW… met Teresa’s roommates and Marcus’s old friend (also a Christine. Surprisingly easy to talk to and) FFW… FFW… went to an Ethiopian place and ate with our hands. Did some card tricks. Teresa keeps wanting me to do what she calls THE magic trick. Sorry, but I’d prefer doing “THE” magic trick to a girl that isn’t George. Came to BART and… *plays normal speed* got the best and tightest hugs ever. Christine’s hug was really gentle and I could tell she wanted to put a lot into it. Teresa’s and Cassandra’s hugs nearly squeezed the life out of me. But those felt so good I wouldn’t mind dying from them ūüėÄ

Maybe because no one ever hugs me… =[

But I digress. I met new people at Berkeley and all of them were really cool. Teresa’s roommates were kinda good looking ;P I’d be surprised if they were still single. And their dorm had a cozy feeling, maybe because of the decor and the lighting. It wasn’t the most pleasant stay though, because the place I chose to sit smelled like socks. Then I noticed I was sitting next to a bunch of hiking shoes. Serves me right I guess.

On a seperate note, Marcus and I were thinking about making some card routines and doing joint tricks. I don’t know how that’d work but it’ll be fun working it out. He told me something I never consciously¬†realized or never bothered to care: card tricks can be chick magnets! Holy crap! What a revelation! What used to be a lame attempt to get back at Jennifer ends up like this… I’m happy =P Though I don’t see why since I don’t plan on getting a girlfriend until I’ve transferred.

This post was fun because it’s the first one that I’ve just typed and didn’t go over and edit. Typed and published like that. It’s gonna suck because I’ll probably wake up and think, “OH SHIT why’d I type that?”



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