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Whoot for College!

After a really long break, I think that it would be appropriate for me to continue with my bloggy adventures again.

If I think about it for a while, I don’t really know how to describe college life for me. It’s breath-taking, it’s mind-numbing, it’s amazing. I can really say that these three weeks have one of the happiest times of my life.

I’ve made some sensational friends in my dorm. They really are some amazing people.

Dale: Haha, he’s the first guy that comes to mind because he’s so WEIRD. I think he’s gay (he implied it several times), but I never really asked him. He talks about the most awkward things like pooping or his drunk roommate. I think the best aspect of him is his ridiculously funny laugh. I can’t and I won’t describe it, go meet him yourself 😛

Clarence: He’s my neighbor, like side-by-side next to me. Clarence loves to barge into our room and steal Carl from James (Carl is James’s polar bear stuffed animal). Clarence is pretty much the typical Chinese dude, computer engineer major, glasses, conservative. I wonder sometimes why I get along so well with him. Nonetheless, he’s an awesome friend.

Anish: Anish is Clarence’s roommate. I must say that he is quite the interesting character. He likes to do the Melbourne Shuffle (I don’t think I spelled it correctly) and it is quite amazing, though, it does make a lot of noise.

Diana: I first met Diana because she was talking to Dale. Diana is quite interesting as well and she just loves to poke fun at James (don’t we all?). She visits our room often and commented on how cute Carl was. James turned red when he heard that , hahahaha.

Ah, I forgot to mention that James is my roommate. Though, I think most of you all might have already figured it out.

SO many things have happened in these few weeks that I can’t possibly blog all about it right now. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to it and even now my memory is blurred.

There are so many more miles to go before I sleep…many more miles to go before I sleep.


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