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We card magicians carry a burden

We’re a completely seperate breed, divided from the rest of the world by an invisible barrier…

Well ok, it’s nothing that onerous. It’s just… I really miss being able to see a trick and think, “Wow that’s so awesome! How’d she do that?” Instead, there’s an unquenchable thirst and my conscious just screams You gotta learn that!!! Then theories formulate and I piece together the magic involved in the process. In the end, it’s just another trick.

But it’s still magic, what we do. The cards dance and the fingers manipulate. The hidden card chosen by the audience will always appear through unexplained methods. The deck becomes a swirl of red and black.

The real magic, however, lies with the audience. Believe me, it’s the fucking BEST when people scream WTF and when their eyes widen to the size of dinner platters. So I guess in the end, it’s all worth it.

Not many people know this, but me becoming a magician… yeah it’s Jennifer’s fault. Yeah, James’s-prom-date-Jennifer. Yeah. ALL her fault. No no, Saurav had nothing to do with it. Believe it or not, Jennifer is a pretty skilled… witch. During statistics, she showed Kuljit, Diana, and I these crazy-ass tricks that awed us so. (Two of them) And in the end, she grinned her evil grin as the rest of us fruitlessly examined the deck and rearranged piles. It was just cruel how she wouldn’t reveal the blueprints and secrets involved in that remarkable piece of magic. I vowed for revenge. But alas, that would be the final day I see Jennifer. Yes, she may have indeed won that battle…

but today, here I am… armed to the teeth (Don’t believe me? Ask Teresa =P) and ready to win the war. Pray I never see her again, for when I do, I’ll fly over on WINGS MADE UP OF ACES OF SPADES (LOL) and unleashed my arsenal of sacred magic that only I know. She shall fall. I shall prevail. Just wait >D

Alternate scenario. (Likelihood: 51%)

Bao: Hey Jennifer. Awesome I finally found you. Lemme show you a trick!

Jennifer: (bewildered) Uhh, okay…

Bao: Kay, pick a card. Yeah, ok. (Does trick) Is this your card?

Jennifer: Yeah, good job. But… I know how to do that one.

Bao: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah, you just do this. Then this. Then you this little thingy here. And yeah.

Bao: Oh… (Bit put out but determined) Kay, I’ll show you another one.

Bao: Oh… Alright, THIS ONE will get you.

Bao: You’ve already seen that one too!? WTF! OKAY OKAY, PICK A CARD. I SWEAR this one will get you.

Jennifer: Yeah, I’ve seen that one, too.

Bao: …

Jennifer: (Laughs) Here, lemme show you one. (Grabs deck)


Jennifer: (grins evil grin)


Learning and perfecting trick after trick is like slowly sharpening a blade or adding yet another mod onto your already ferocious assault rifle. It’s satisfying. It only makes you stronger. And in the end, watching people’s reactions and taking in their compliments (be it a loud WTF or a O-shaped mouth and O-shaped eyes)… it makes that burden disappear.

I also formally rescind that one sentence above. “It was just cruel how she wouldn’t reveal the blueprints and secrets involved in that remarkable piece of magic…” Because while it may seem cruel, it’s policy 😀 But no, I’m still waiting for the day I see her. (I hope she never sees this post. It’ll probably freak her out 0_0)

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