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Dedicated to an extraordinary friend. You know who you are =P

Oh damn… It’s taken eleven days to update this blog… the longest delay ever in this young blog’s history. And yeah, there’s not much else to say. So what to talk about?

In my English class, we’re writing essays about a particular moment or epiphany that changed you or disillusioned you… yeahh why not? Here’s a “small” five paragraph essay…

“Congratulations, class of oh-nine,” shouted the speaker as a plethora of graduation caps and cheers flew inside the overcrowded stadium. Indeed, the four years of high school have been the best four years of my emotional roller coaster life. In that time span, you tend to gain an illusion that the close knit group of friends that you’ve made in high school will always be there for you for the rest of your melancholy or euphoric future up ahead. After all, we’ve done many important, earth-shattering things together such as attending eighteenth birthday parties or starting our blogs nearly all at the same time. We might as well start picking our best man for the upcoming wedding! But after leaving for college, your illusion is shattered as your friends begin to drift away one by one like guests slowly departing at the end of a grand party. Then, I had a moment of insight where I realized that in life, people do move on, but the strongest friendships will still last. So how did this come about?

Well, a few months ago, my friend and I departed with a cheery good-bye with the promise that we’ll keep in touch. We wouldn’t be seeing each other for several months, but we left with the comforting notion that real-time communication will only be a click of a mouse away. The following week, I sent him an instant message but didn’t receive any replies. This event repeated itself with many other friends as they all left for their respective campuses. Needless to say, I became apathetic to past friendships and resigned to the fact that we’ll all never be the same again. 

Less than a week from today, a close friend temporarily returned and we spent the entire day together. At some point during the day, we talked about how people inevitably change and drift away. As the conversation dragged on, I considered her naïve because she ranted with much fervor about how we can stay close friends if we really tried. However, the more we talked, the more I noticed that she hadn’t changed as much as I would’ve thought. When I walked to my front door at the end of that day, I reflected and came up with the startling realization that she and I weren’t so dreadfully different that we could no longer entertain each other. On the contrary, that day will be one of those golden days you can’t help but simply cherish forever. It was a day full of joy and laughter.

It’d be the perfect dream to invite my high school friends and their wives or husbands and kids to a Thanksgiving dinner eight years from now. It’ll be surreal naming one of them “godfather/godmother” for my future kids or all of us chipping in for a vacation together in Europe… because the odds are that none of that will ever happen. The major obstacle is time, especially the four years of college that lay ahead for all of us. It’ll be sadly easy for that golden day to become only a distant memory gathering dust in the back of my mind.

People often lose touch of their friends during their college lives. All I have to do is look around me. My parents don’t keep in touch with any of their high school links; the rate of severed friendships during this transition is probably an overwhelming statistic I currently face at the moment. But so far, none of my close friends have disappeared under the radar. None of us have awkward pauses during conversations. All of this would never have happened if it wasn’t for that close friend of mine that made me see the light.

In short… thank you Teresa.


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  1. cutelilgaara says:

    WHOOHOO. Check out your facebook comment .:D

  2. crispy001 says:

    I still read your blawg! That meenz you’re on mah radarz!11!1one!!

  3. Sandra Todd says:

    I like your blog, the comments left by your readers are very funny 🙂
    Have a nice day!

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