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The series probably would’ve never finished…

but I’ll thank Saurav because he doesn’t want this to spiral down and crash like the prom/graduation series. I consider this series to be really special, albeit really tiring to write. It’s going to be special because I’m going to try to incorporate as many people as I can into the series. I hope this will have some value to me in the future… I might look back to this story I’ll have written many years ago and remember what happened and what could’ve happened. This series is dedicated to all of my friends that I’ve left high school with and I hope it’ll mean something for all of you as well.

Saurav is going to begin contributing to the series as of now. Already he’s an admin to this blog at my request. Haha and maybe when people have some time on their hands, they could contribute a little bit of themselves into the series. Anything from individual lines or ideas all the way to entire episodes, I’m cool with, as long as it doesn’t go crazy and depart from possiblities that we may call “reality.” And we could keep it a secret and totally surprise people when it’s published.

Note: Saurav worked on this in the beginning, but I couldn’t get anything else out of him, so I finished this on my own. I waited around two days to wait for him, but the show must go on. Haha if you were unhappy about the delay… it’s HIS fault! 0_0 Hopefully Eddie will help me with the next episode if there’s going to be one. After that…

Anyways, we last left off where Martin owes Saurav another drink and they both go into the cafe (Martin doesn’t have his wallet, hmmmm….) Teresa and Bao caught up with Vikki, who ended up to be Martin’s mugger.

Scene 1

Setting: Same as before.

Vikki: (small voice) Could you help me up? I think I sprained my ankle.

Bao: (satisfying smile, turns to Teresa) Told you it was Vikki.

(Bao and Teresa both help Vikki up and the three walk back to the Starbucks. Vikki is limping and leans on both Bao and Teresa for support)

Teresa: (bitterly) Does it hurt?

Vikki: I’ve had sprained ankles before. So where were you guys planning on going?

Bao: (laughs) Teresa wanted to try this place in-

Teresa: Shut up. (pulls Bao aside. Vikki falls again) Dammit Bao, why are you giving away our dinner plans to someone we don’t even trust? She could have a gun or be some crazy stalker.

Bao: You don’t trust your best friend?

Teresa: That’s not Vikki! That’s just some homeless freak off the streets and she just mugged my cousin.

Bao: I swear to you that’s Vikki. (Calls to Vikki) Hey garden gnome!

Vikki: (looks up, confused, then realizes) Wha– dammit!

Teresa: Yeah, I’m not going to be a part of this. And I still don’t believe any of you. (snatches the wallet from Bao’s hands and storms to Starbucks)

Bao: (sighs, then turns to Vikki. soft tone of voice) Can you prove to me you’re Vikki?

Vikki: (a little sad but resolute) Bao, do me a favor. You shouldn’t tell anyone that I’m Vikki.

Bao: I don’t understand. (sits next to Vikki)

Vikki: Look at me. Rags for clothes. A shopping cart for a car. The San Jose Mercury for insulation. Did you know that a few hours ago, I was scrounging for leftover donuts behind the cafe? I cut myself on broken glass on the way there and it was a deep one. But you know what hurt the most? Watching you guys through the window, laughing like there’s nothing wrong with the world. And hey. There’s nothing I can do about it. So please, if you’re still my friend, don’t tell anyone that this is me…

End scene 1.

Scene 2.

Setting: At Starbucks, Teresa has just stormed in and handed Martin his wallet. Saurav is waiting for his drink. Martin is seated and is gingerly rubbing his crotch and groaning. Nam is next to him looking a bit down. The cafe is semi-crowded.

Saurav: Whoa, Martin. Easy there buddy.

Martin: I want to die… I think I went unconscious for a few seconds back there.

Nam: Are you okay there buddy?

Saurav: (reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cell phone) Ah man… Bao left me a text. (reads) For Saurav’s eyes only… okay. Taking… hobo kid… to hospital. Will meet up with you later…

Martin: (angrily and wincing) That prick doesn’t deserve a hospital.

Nam: Yeah!

Teresa: Yeah!

Martin: Yeah!

(Long pause. Nam, Teresa, and Martin look at Saurav)

Saurav: …while I do applaud that kid’s guts… (Teresa stands up and she towers menacingly over Saurav) I — YEAH!– I TOTALLY agree with you guys.

Samantha Lee: (softly and at the corner. She laughs) Haha. Coward…

(Martin, Nam, Teresa, Martin, and Saurav all turn towards her)

Nam: Hey! Is my friend’s misery funny to you?

Samantha: Relax, I saw the entire thing through the window. And yeah…it was pretty hilarious…

Martin: Alright, go away and leave us alone. (Gets up, gives a strangled scream, and sits back down, gingerly rubbing his crotch)

Saurav: It’s alright man. Here, have some caramel frap. To distract you from the pain.

Martin: Thanks Saurav. (He places the icy drink between his legs)

Saurav: (winces at his drink) You’re… you’re welcome man.

Samantha: I heard you guys were going to Benihana.

Nam: Who the hell are you?

Samantha: Oh my God it’s Samantha. You know… (Martin stares at her blankly. She sighs) Seriously. If Bao or Vikki were here, they’d know me.

Martin: (scared) Okay, who the hell are you and how do you know our friends?

Samantha: (frustrated) Jesus, Martin!

Martin: (scared. high pitched voice) How the hell do you know my name!? Guys, I’m scared. Let’s go. (Everyone stands and grab their coats)

Saurav: Hey Sam, you wanna tag along?

Samantha: Finally! And I’d love to, but I’m waiting for someone right now. Next time, definitely.

Saurav: Yeah we’ll keep in touch. I’ll Facebook you tonight.

Samantha: Sweet. Have fun guys.

Saurav: See ya later. (They all walk out except for Samantha)

Nam: Why can’t I remember her?

Martin: I don’t either.

Teresa: (Hugs Samantha) Great to see you again!

End scene 2.

End scene.


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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    hahahahahaha, I guess martin just read this LOL

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