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Crashing the Party

Hey guys! Guess who!

I have taken residence at Bao’s blog  through force and have become one of its authors. It’s a wonderful tradeoff. I can contribute to bao’s blog and I don’t have to put up any major committment that a personal blog requires. I haven’t completely decided what I shall do on Bao’s blog, but I think that I will comment on issues for starters. I might write a few stories or so. But who knows! Let’s find out when you all read it!

College is starting soon for many of us and I just wanted to share a few words concerning the beautiful friendships we have all shared. First off, I want to thank Teresa for helping me start off with blogging. Bao, for letting me use his blog and for the wonderful memories in high school and summer. I want to thank Marcus for things I don’t think I can ever properly describe in words. As well as the many other friends I have forgotten to mention. Remember, just because I don’t remember you right now doesn’t mean I don’t cherish you all! 😀

Let’s look forward to the bright future we all have in front of us. Filled with trials and struggles to a personal success, may all of our dreams and aspirations come true.



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  1. martinitram says:

    boo! where’s bao?! bring on bao!!!!

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