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Updating friends mini-series. 3 scenes.

Setting: Nam, Teresa, and Martin are talking inside the Starbucks. They’re seated facing away from the entrace. There are few customers and a large high definition TV is showing a heated tennis match. Two Starbucks employees are also quietly talking behind the counter.

Nam: So Teresa. You got hella tall!

Teresa: Thank you. For stating the obvious. (Nam laughs)

Martin: Haha, no she’s just messing with you. Her heels you see add like… only three inches what the F*** (voice gets progressively higher) happened to you!? (Hugs exchanged)

Nam: Wait, you guys haven’t seen each other?

Teresa: Yeah well… we met again haven’t we? I wonder where Saurav and Bao are…

End scene.

Scene 2.

Meanwhile, Saurav and Bao walks from parked car to Starbucks. Though there are plenty of cars, there are few people. Bao parked three rows away, so it’s a short walk to the cafe. A short woman is approaching them. She’s shabbily dressed and pushes a shopping cart full of belongings.

Vikki: Can you two spare some change please?

Bao: What the… (stares blankly)

Saurav: No sorry ma’am. C’mon, Bao. (pushes Bao)

Bao: DUDE! Don’t you recognize–

Saurav: Yes! Caramel!!! (speed walks to the entrance)


Saurav: CARAMEL!

(Bao gives up and seems to temporarily push matters away from his mind. Jogs to catch up to Saurav)

End scene 2.

Scene 3.

TV is showing a music video while Martin, Nam, and Teresa continue to talk.

Martin: Well, after college, I pretty muched stayed in L.A. for awhile. There’s so many businesses there. I helped design the building for the new ride at Universal Studios. (Bao and Saurav quietly enter) They liked it, so yeah. Hoping to do something for Disneyland next.

Nam: Dude, that’s hella cool.

Bao: SO ya never became Pope…

Teresa, Nam, Martin: GUYS! (hugs and handshakes all over)

Teresa: Alright! So everyone’s here and now we can go and eat. There’s this place in Cupertino–

Saurav: (interrupts) What the hell. Give me my caramel frap and we’ll talk. (Goes to counter and orders)

Martin: (To Bao) Man, you’re still as skinny as ever.

Bao: Yeah man. I’ve given up trying to gain weight. Too much work and in the end, the scale just goes back to where it’s always been. But look at you! You should be in a freaking Subway commercial.

(Martin laughs)

Bao: So Teresa, what’s up with you?

Teresa: I got taller!

Saurav: (walks over and looks at Teresa’s heels) Psh, whatever. Those heels really add like… (confused look)

(brief pause)

Nam: No one wants to know about me?

Saurav: Of course not. I’m kidding! (Hastily. Nam looked crestfallen)

Nam: Okay guess what? I finally–

(cellular phone rings)

Bao: Oh that’s me. Sorry Nam. (walks out the door while reaching for phone)

Nam: It’s okay! Anyways, I finally–

Man behind counter: (interrupts) Venti caramel frap is ready!

Saurav: Sorry Nam, tell me later.

Nam: Oh, okay… (turns to Martin and Teresa to find them conversing. Has a look to suggest that he feels left out)

Martin: Teresa. When you drove here, did someone ask you for money?

Teresa: No, why?

Martin: I don’t know. I have this feeling–

(Door opens and Bao rushes in breathless. He runs to the counter)

Bao: (half yells) CNN. Change it to CNN!

Man behind counter: (eyes wide open) Y-y-yes, sir. (Changes channel. The entire cafe quiets and watches. Television footage shows film captured by a cellphone)

Newswoman: Again, we have eyewitness reports that a plane has just crashed briefly after take off from Narita International Airport located in Tokyo. Experts confirm that the plane is the latest Boeing aircraft to have rolled off the line and eyewitnesses say that the wings disintegrated and the plane fell in flames. More on this story as it develops…

End scene 3.


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2 Responses

  1. cutelilgaara says:

    Continue with your stories! they amuse me to no end, though I’d rather be naturally tall. 😀

    Might I add, I want to be super rich, super cool, and super awesome a couple of years down the line. 😀

  2. martinitram says:

    I just LOVED the part where vikki is the hobo. XD

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