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Feeling uncharacteristically sentimental… Starbucks

On Monday, my friends made a surprise visit to my house during the late afternoon. They rang the doorbell and I graciously left them there standing on the doorstep of my home. While they stood there chatting away, ignorant at any problems going on in the world, I went scrambling around the house looking for my wallet, keys, and GPS all the while telling my sister to go dress for martial arts practice. Martin, meanwhile, took my toy gun and began shooting plastic BBs into the street. Then all of us went to Choi’s to drop off my sister at TKD then drove to Starbucks.

Starbucks… a seemingly ordinary cafe on the side of the road will forever be a sentimental landmark for me. It was literally a second hang out, a place where our gales of laughter rang throughout the room. It’d be wonderful if we could still go there every once in awhile, maybe even years from now.

*Eight years from now…

Setting: A silver sedan is driving along Aborn road. It’s eight o’clock at night. Bao and Saurav are on their way to meet some old friends, who’ve arrived five minutes ago at the Starbucks. It’s August 9, 2017.

Saurav: Shiit, man. Thanks for picking me up from SFO. I’m soo tired. Did you know that in Moscow, there’s NO caramel frap. I came over there and I’m like ‘what the fuck.’ Man, I’ll eat beef for a caramel frap. And that plane trip made me want to hurl.

Bao: (a bit offended) Dude, shut the hell up. I helped MAKE that plane.

Saurav: Oh, right. (Smiles) What’d you make? That tiny little flap on the wing that does nothing, right?

Bao: Burn in hell! And no, I actually had a hand in designing the entire wing. NASA will rue the day they turned me down…

(Saurav and Bao pull onto the Starbucks parking lot)

Saurav: (squints) Dude, is that Martin?

Bao: (laughs) Ohh yeah man. You were in Moscow for forever, so I never really called you. Martin lost like 400 pounds while you were gone.

Saurav: And I guess it transferred to Teresa. (points to other person)

Bao: (leans on the wheel and squints) No man, that’s Nam. Looks like he grew a ponytail. (points to 3rd person) THAT is Teresa.

Saurav: (stares, then smiles) No way man. HAHA there’s no chance in hell that’s Teresa.

Bao: Why not?

Saurav: She’s hella tall. She’s taller than you!

Bao: Yeahh, the days are gone since you can pick up her pencil and lift it over her head. Let’s go in…

Saurav: Hey, you think Vikki is still short?

End scene.


Saurav was on a two month business trip to Moscow working on a joint project with NASA and the Russians. After earning a Ph.D in computer science and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, he worked several years on virtual reality systems before getting picked up by NASA where he began making human interface systems for the cockpit of a new spacecraft. He’s returned to the States, but will have to return to Moscow in a week.

Bao, however, was rejected by NASA. He found work with Microsoft where (wtf am I doing) where “I” usually spent the day helping to develop the latest flight simulator program. I thought that was kinda dull though because of my coworkers and their jokes… so I found an opening with Boeing. With my largest project finished (wing design), I’ve had some free time on my hands before they assign me on another project.

…aaand that’s like… well it was really fun. So much fun that I want to write more whether you guys like it or not. 😀 I’m going to try and put every one of my friends into this thing. Haha, it’s gonna be like a new mini-series! Who knows what’ll happen? Does Saurav and Vikki have kids? Does Eddie actually join the Olympics? This and so many other questions that are killing me slowly as I type… only time shall tell…


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2 Responses

  1. teriyakifan says:

    Haha… that was hilarious 😉

  2. martinitram says:

    What about me? What the hell am I doing?? Am I a world famous architect?

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