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Scattered thoughts and dreams as I’m cleaning up the house

This Sunday will be spent cleaning the entire lower floor of the house. I’ll return to my laptop every so often with whatever I think about. Haha, sounds fun…

The squirrels along Yerba Buena Rd. leading to Evergreen Valley College must have a death wish. Every single day I drive along that road, I’m certain to see at least two or three squirrels that’ve had it underneath a tire. And every day I drive along that road, I’m certain to have at least one close call. The squirrels see you… they only go faster. All you can do is slow down and pray…

I can’t wait until I get my own house. It’s going to be so much cleaner than the one I’m living in now. It’ll have two floors, be bought brand-new, and it’s going to be in the suburbs. It’s going to be in a brand new neighborhood… where ALL of my high school friends will live. Every several weeks we’ll have a block party. We can kind of seal off our neighborhood. Everyone’s garage is open and anyone can visit anyone’s place. The street will be crammed with tables of food and drinks. It’s going to last the entire day. No one can complain about the loud music because literally everyone in the nieghborhood will be in it.

We should all chip in for a vacation house in Florida or in Europe. Every summer or every winter, all of us should fly there and relax.

In the future, I plan on having a driver’s license (done), a pilot’s license, and a gun license. I would just like to have the option of flying to Vegas for dinner and be home before midnight. And to be able to have a concealed firearm in the house will be very comforting once I live by myself or with a wife. It’ll probably always be locked up in a safe so the robbers can’t get to it. And if we have kids, it’ll be even better that the gun is in a safe. I’ll probably be most comfortable with a pistol.

I think there are certain things everybody needs to be able to do. A brief list includes: everyone needs to know how to swim, perform first aid and CPR, speak a second language, drive stick shift, know some form of self-defense, and know the signs of a stroke and heart attack.

Even though I’ve been voted “most likely to marry a white, blonde chick” amongst my friends, I can see myself most likely making my vows to another Vietnamese girl. Very nice face, long dark hair, smoking body. I’m one of those retards who’s both a guy and at the same time thinks about his wedding. I don’t know any guy that does that 0_0! It shall be one of those white weddings. I don’t really like the Asian weddings where they always do the reception in some Chinese restaurant. It’s going to be outdoors overlooking the beach. Dumplings won’t be on the menu. Instead, how about sea bass or some other “white” dish?

I’ll also build my own airplane in the future. They have those kits that you can take to your garage and assemble it yourself.

Anymore and this won’t be an interesting read for me anymore.


0_0 Whoa… what does that say about me if even I think too much of me is too boring?


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  1. cutelilgaara says:

    We’re living the American dream! Though I definitely won’t be complaining if I ever get to go to a party every week and barge in my neighboor’s house all the time. While I love a Vegas Michlein star dinner every day, my environmentalist side of me as a few complaints to add to that pilot thing..
    On the whole, I hope- for the most part- that your wishes come true. I mean really- would we really ALL tolerate each other living so close by? 😀

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