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3 days old…

Someone activated the fire alarm and the mall degraded into chaos. While that happened, I was seperated from my friend and the two of us were lost in the crowd. Shit they’re coming… and I’m standing there, feet glued to the bench I was standing on, watching the mall slowly empty. The venders were closing their shops at a leisurely pace. Idiots…

then the lights gave out, shrouding me into semi-darkness. Screw it, give me the exit. I went outside and the parking lot was crowded. Then it hit me. They’re coming and I effing forgot where I parked!!? I looked back at the entrance. It was pure darkness inside those doors. But I could barely make out moving shadows. They all limped, making a queue for the door, coming closer, and closer. I was trapped! I hesitated, then pulled out my Swiss Army knife. Pathetic. But it’ll have to do.

Something grabbed me from behind!! I turned around.

“Bao! Bao! Where’d you park!?” it was my friend. Well, most of you know Esther right? Anyways.

“I don’t know!! And where’ve you been!?”

“I remembered we parked somewhere close to the entrance.”

“Damn and I was so proud of finding that spot! Okay, do you remember which neighborhood?” (This was the Great Mall)


“I’m not laughing…”

“I don’t remember the neighborhood.”

We speed walked along the perimeter of the mall. I could hear faint moans inside as the ghouls tracked us. We ran into a SWAT team setting up metal red X’s along the perimeter.

“Watch it,” said one of them. Suddenly, a wall of flame about three feet high barely touched us. It extinguished as quickly as it shot out out of the X’s. Esther shot ahead of me a few feet to escape the flames. What’s the point of the flames? Get rid of human scent? No… Sterilize? No. Maybe to test it then use as a shield for later on. Well, the cops don’t seem worried, so why should I?

We crossed yet another dark entrance when a hand shot out and grabbed my torso. This one was different. The fingers somehow felt lifeless. But it was so strong my shirt tore. I turned around and saw a ghoul, it’s teeth an inch away from my nose.

“Bao, I found the car!” Esther turned around. Her eyes widened as she stared in horror. “Bao, use the knife.”

Well why didn’t I think of that? The knife is still in my hand… so I stabbed it in the eye. I must’ve hit the brain, because it fell back. Zombies can’t feel pain after all, so it wouldn’t have hesitated unless u hit the brain, permanently taking it out. I was way too disgusted and scared to take the knife out.

We got to the Mercedes and I jammed the keys into the ignition. The engine roared to life and the radio turned on, blaring loud music. Kind of like an action movie… I backed out, hitting another zombie. Shifted to drive, than slammed on the gas…

Appropriately enough, it was Nickelback on the radio.

“‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one left. Everyone wants to be what someone gets…”

And that’s what I woke up to… Nickelback. It was so vivid, plus the song was still going, I believed for a split second that I was waking up into a world infested with zombies.

Strong stuff.

And I think it’s pretty cool, because dreams seem so realistic that they accurately reflect what you’d do in the same situation. And I had the guts to stab the zombie… I didn’t run with the crowd, but instead looked for my friend while standing on the bench. That shows more guts and loyalty. I didn’t panic and run around in circles like I saw some people doing. I didn’t sit on the concrete and cry. Like some people. That shows a strong will to survive. So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied with how I handled myself. And thanks Esther for saving my life!



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