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Feeling resolute, stubborn, and pissed… (rant)

Dammit Bao, okaay. Organize your thoughts….

The feelings in my mind are a jumble of emotion ranging from stubborn patriotism to righteously pissed… never mind I think I know where to start now.

You guys don’t know this about me, but whenever I accomplish something miraculous and spectacular, or just something satisfying and worthwhile… and some prick says something like, “Nice job! You got hella lucky today, huh?” or, “I knew you could do it. I told you karma exists…” (that was after I got back at someone)

You may think you’re being nice, but you’re actually degrading all of the hardwork that I put into it. Those compliments are for regular people, not me. When you tell me that “luck” helped me win, or “luck” helped me pass the test, I mentally slap you. Luck never had anything to do with me. Luck is stealing the credit. I don’t want to go onto a seperate rant telling people my history of bad luck. Some people are downright exasperated with me. However, being devoid of luck means that anything I accomplish is the result of dedication, suffering, training, and pushing. Maybe a little bit of badass. No luck. God, I’m going to hate Vegas…

On a completely different subject…

ever since Martin returned from Europe, he’s been constantly comparing everything to it. Europe is all of this. America sucks. bleajf dajf;dsjfagdal gs…. and I say shut the fuck up. Thank you for the European chocolate and everything man, but it’s probably a testament to our friendship that I haven’t duct taped your mouth yet. Because the States is my home. I really do always feel like crying during the national anthem because it’s so beautiful. I don’t think McDonald’s is pure crap. Sure it’s unhealthy to the point of death. Doesn’t stop me from enjoying it every two to three weeks. 

I never realized this, but my friends are surprisingly critical of me being like this. 0_0

Of course with you guys, the symbols of America are always the injust wars, the golden arches, the invasion of Starbucks, people who don’t know shit about anything, the crappy dollar, racism, crappy education, oil, fat people, invasion of privacy, the  and so much more I don’t care to even think about right now. But you’ll be hardpressed to find any other country that doesn’t have some of this.

Whatever happened to the other symbols? Thanksgiving, Statue of Liberty, Disney… what about the right to say, “Down with America,” and not having a bullet drill into your brain? How about the right to assemble and not have tanks swarm in, crush you under their treads, and have your family pay the government for every bullet they shot at you? We can go out and vote without fear of people running around in explosive vests. We put on our t-shirts, make our signs, and go protest against our own soldiers, the ones who are sleeping in the heat, in armor, under the loud drones of helicopters, while getting shot at by bullets, rockets, and curses…… so we can put on those t-shirts, make our signs, and protest.

The Captain America, ignorant patriot thing you guys have been doing with me. It’s been fun yesterday. It’ll be fun tomorrow. But for tonight, I’m fucking SICK of you guys. (But I won’t be mad for long =P)

Oh and I had another zombie dream. It was SO crazy. It’s the best one yet. When I woke up to the alarm on my phone, I actually hoped that what I had went through was actually a dream. And thank God it was. I might blog about it later…


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  1. cutelilgaara says:

    Wow, what a hypocrite! Martin said he hella missed America when we went to Europe. But yeah, I must agree. The whole Iranian protest thing really made me reflect on that and kinda respect the hippy/government era and whatnot.

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