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Inconsiderate drivers

Why must you be like this?

Is there a goal you’re trying to achieve by tail-gating me? I’m already going as fast as I’m going to go and all you’re really doing is pissing me off and presenting a temptation for me to slow down even more. The street says the speed limit is 40. I’m going at 40, maybe even 45 or a bit more…(oh god) Do you really expect me to abide by your speed limit of 65? I’m not going to go any faster and risk a ticket and/or my life because you’re in a hurry and are too lazy or unable to switch lanes… or if you just want to go fast. They have a fast lane for a reason! 

Plus have your elementary school teachers ever taught you that it’s impolite to cut in line? It was inconsiderate in the lunch line, it’s inconsiderate at the supermarket, and it’s just as inconsiderate at an exit or at a gas station. Wait your damn turn like the rest of the people who’ve been waiting for five minutes. It’s only fair.

And you space snatchers. If you’re twenty-five or thirty feet behind me and see me signaling and then race like mad to be in front of me… why? If you’re, say, five or fifteen feet behind me and want to move ahead, I’m cool with that. Those of you who just need to be ahead because maybe you’re afraid I’m slow… well. You’re making me wait forever while you take your precious five seconds to be ahead of me. By then, you’ve probably made me take an exit I don’t want to go into. Then I’m going to think you’re slow, not to mention a jackass.

And then there are the chatterboxes. I’m not as angry at you guys because it’s a force of habit and not intentional. (But still really really annoying, let alone unsafe) But when you have a passenger onboard sitting next to you, must you take your eyes off the road? I see you doing it all the time and your driving really sucks. When you’re talking and looking at them, you brake, speed up, brake. You drift into my lane, you drift out, you drift into someone else’s lane… and worst of all, I don’t think you even care… else you’ll keep your eyes where they belong: looking at where you’re going. An occasional glance at your company is fine. Anything longer than three seconds isn’t. Some would argue even two or one second. It’s so scary it makes me not want to stay behind you. But it’s just as scary trying to pass you.

Bikers. I bike, too. I love you guys. But not when you’re going two feet out of your lane. By doing that, you drift into motor traffic and you make us slow down, which will cause delays and safety issues. And please don’t give me dirty looks when I give you a little honk to remind you of what you’re doing. I honk because I don’t want to hit you and kill you. The handbook says that in order to safely pass you, I must drift into the other lane. Biking out of your lane makes me drift further into the other person’s lane. How inconvenient. How unsafe. And often times, drifting is not a viable option when the other lane is congested and plugged. Then I’ll have to slow down and go at your speed, which will make me very uncomfortable because the people behind me will start honking me.



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