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Independence Day

For America’s birthday, I traipsed the streets of San Francisco while waiting for the medicine that will relieve me of my boredom: the fireworks show at 9:30. It’s been fun and I had a good time testing out the camera on my new Samsung. At around 2:30, a boat left for its daily tour around the Bay. Starting from Pier 39, it undocked, went past Alcatraz Island, where it went under the Golden Gate Bridge.


I’ve learned a lot on this tour. People from out of California have always asked, “How come this bridge isn’t gold? Isn’t it the Golden Gate Bridge?”

 The official color of the bridge is International Orange, and thousands of gallons of it are used every year to keep the towering suspension bridge that color. The architect picked that color because it went beautifully with the landscape. Was he right? Well… you decide.



Cropped sf bridgeUnderneath

And yes, the camera on my new phone was quite satisfactory, thanks! And thank the architect of that bridge for picking that international orange. If the Navy had its way, the bridge would’ve been painted with black stripes, or as the host said, a bumblebee. Plus, the explorer named the bay the Golden Gate after a port in Turkey… which was long before there was even a concept of a suspension bridge connecting San Francisco to the Marina.

Well, enough boring you guys. After the little boat tour, we visited the farmers market which closed two hours before our arrival. A few hours before the fireworks, there were still fireworks!


And then came the brave men and women of SFPD.


Now that I think about it. The past two years, I went to San Francisco twice. And saw cops twice, the first time resulting in an exciting yet shortlived foot chase. The guy in the grey t-shirt and khaki shorts got everything he had confiscated… his black backpack and everything in it. I never saw him get it back =P (for those of you who are confused, fireworks are illegal in California with very few exceptions)

Fireworks!!! I have a two minute video on it… the first two minutes actually. I’ll post it later on facebook perhaps.

Fireworks ended promptly at 9:20. Then everyone tried to get out at the same time. My dad fruitlessly looked for shortcuts to bypass the congested Embarcadero St. Then my sister had to pee so she went in a plastic bag which my dad held. I got to drive. My dad and I switched places during a red light as he had to attend to my sister. The bag was unceremoniously thrown out the window and I’ve always pictured some homeless guy picking it up for whatever reason he has, haha.

By the time the GPS got me on the highway, it was one in the morning and everyone was asleep. The freeway at San Francisco were so narrow and winding. The speed limit was actually lowered to 5o mph, but I could see people swerving at 60. Plus it took all of my willpower not to take my eyes off the freeway to look at the glistening airplanes and the starry lights that was San Francisco International airport. Qantas and Cathay Pacific shouldn’t flaunt their shiny Boeing 747-400s where motorists can gawk at them. They looked too cool!!! And was I insane enough to whip out my phone and use the camera option!? 0_0

Oh God no. I wish though…

We were home at 2:30ish a.m. In my bedroom, I held a little birthday party for this country that I love too much.

U.S. Flag folded

Flag unfolded

Happy birthday, land of the free, home of the brave! You have such a rich, tragic, and euphoric history. And thank you Martin, Teresa, and Saurav for giving me that authentic U.S. flag on my birthday! Still the best gift ever! That was a nice touch, getting me that flag along with the Nazi WWII plane. FW-190s are my favorite Nazi fighters. 😀

P.S. I’ve given up on the NaBloPoMo thing. I figure blogging once a week is sufficient. And is my life really that interesting? It took quite awhile to turn a simple trip to SF and a regular fourth of July into… this. Whatever it is. Hope it’s good!

Cheers, and happy belated birthday America.


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  1. teriyakifan says:

    Wow.. you ARE really patriotic.. lol =P Well I think that’s great! How fitting was it for you to help out with the citizenship program ;]

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