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High School

Heat waves, the last rain, and a fan on my table all say the same thing: the end of the year is coming. AP testing, STAR testing, and graduation all say the same thing: the end of the school year has past. I’ve left EVHS with more regrets then fun. But of course, it’s difficult to have fun when you have a hundred-point test coming up the next day. Studying became fun. It was satisfying to know that you understood what you were learning. It was horrifying to then bomb that test when you could’ve sworn you knew everything. It was disgusting to receive your answers back and realize that if only you’ve been thinking and pressed the button next to the one you’ve pressed…

I won’t look back at my four years of high school fondly. The only thing that’s ever made high school worthwhile… weren’t the classes, the parties, or the dances.

It was all about the people you’ve met, the ones you’ve kept, and the friends you won’t forget. Because the only things high school has ever taught me are academic. Life lessons aren’t sanctioned, just imparfaits, chi-square testing, and dissecting frogs. No one’s going to teach you what love is, or how to write from your heart, or how to shuffle and deal cards. You won’t learn about table manners, how to give CPR, or how to change your car’s oil. Learning how to pay electric bills isn’t in the ESUHSD curriculum. Learning how to become social, how to meet new people, and how to make friends was never in the lesson plan.

You learn all of that yourself through the people you talk to every day. And indeed, your friends become your teachers, your second family, a free source of food, and your shoulder to cry on. My friends have taught me self defense, poetry, and how to make a good impression. They’ve given me countless samples of Pockys, jerky, chips, and rice. They’ve listened to me rant and bitch. And in return, I’ve learned how to be generous, how to keep secrets, and how to be dependable. You think you already know how to be all of those things before you hit high school. But what they’ve taught me and what I’ve learned from them is more important then learning about photosynthesis and what the cell walls in plant cells do. What they’ve taught me is how to be a better person, how to create contacts for jobs in the future, and how to meet every obstacle in life with your eyes forward.

Thank you guys.


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  1. teriyakifan says:

    “It was all about the people you’ve met, the ones you’ve kept, and the friends you won’t forget.”

    I like that =)

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