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Period 1 ~ Government/Econ ~ Mr. Hubbs
Period 2 ~ Art ~ Mrs. Leung/ Mrs. Levinson
Period 3~ English~Mrs. Panes
Period 4~ Biology~ Mrs. Taylor
Period 5~ French 4~ Mme. Weiss
Period 6~ AP Statistics~ Mr. Johnson
Period 7~ open ~ friends

People you mostly talked to during:

Period 1~ I was pretty closed… Cynthia Lau during passing period perhaps
Period 2~ Also pretty closed…
Period 3~ Yeah…
Period 4~ Andrew Chau
Period 5~ Martin Nguyen, Cassi Van
Period 6~ Diana Nguyen, Kuljit Singh, and Jennifer Nguyen near the end. Before… closed
Period 7~ Saurav Agrawal, Martin Nguyen, Eddie Truong,  Christine Dinh

Random questions:

Who was your favorite teacher?
Mr. Hubbs!

Who annoyed you most 3rd period?
All the people that wanted to be in my group for an “automatic A.”

Who did you sit with during lunch?
My crowd… too many to list

Which period did you fall asleep in and not pay attention?
I never fell asleep. But I was the most drowsy in 4th period Bio.

Which classes were you the most hyper?

What was your favorite class?

Did you like lunch?
Not particularly.

Do you like going to school?
Eh, I was apathetic about it.

Who sits behind you 3rd period?
Ty Le (senior)

How many kids are in your 2nd period?
Damned if I know

What teacher did you dislike the most?
They were all fine.

Can you talk in your 3rd period?
Not supposed to, but the teacher never really had full control of her class…

Who sits next to you 5th period?
Left: Mico Deluz Right: Kevin Hseih

Who sits in front of you in 6th?
A SHITLOAD of people. Directly in front of me is Natalie To.

Summarize your year in three words:
Fun towards end.

What do you hope next year will be like?
More excitement, more friends, less work… I got pages of these I could go on

This past school year have you:

Changed hair color?

Discovered a new talent
No. My magic tricks are crap.

Broken up with somebody?

Met someone you can’t live without?
Wouldn’t want to find out.

Was this your best year?
Yes, but seeing that high school was fucked up, it’s not sayin’ much

Made a lot of friends?
Made a lot of contacts and acquaiantences… define friendship

Fail a class?
Not even close

Hate a teacher?
Annoyed, sure.

Get in any fights?
Almost weekly

Drew any blood?
Yeah and DAMN it felt good.

Gain any new friends?
A couple.

Lose any old friends?

Get in a fight with a friend?

Gone to a movie with a friend?

Lost a family member?
Cousins lost a grandmother on the other side… doesn’t count nvm.

Get any taller?
You know I actually haven’t measured…

Know someone that graduated from high school?
God no 0_0

Cut your hair?
Yeah, but not many noticed, ‘cept for the last one.

Hug more than 3 different people?
Christine, Cassi, Vikki, Teresa, Vincent, Alex, Andrew Sutedja, Eddie, Marcus, Saurav, Van, Melanie, Esther, Xi. (no homo)

Tell someone I love you and meant it?
What is love?? (And yes)

Went to a fair?

Kept a secret from your parents?

Dated someone you wish you hadn’t?

Hated someone of the opposite sex?
I disliked several. (Thanks Cassi -___-)

Hated someone of the same sex?

Saw a kiddie movie at a theater?

Spent most of your year watching TV?

Sat through something boring?
Several times a week

Drove a car?


My life seems really unimportant and insignificant. It sickens me to feel this way, but I really envy the girl that died protesting in Iran. Neda sparked something new. She added more fuel into a dying movement. I’m practicing piano and trying to get better at my flying sim. All I can do is type on this insignificant blog, a speck in this universe.

She’s dead. I’m alive. And the more I think about it, the more I feel guilty. While she was out there protesting, I was probably playing Dead or Alive.

Anyways, I was going to continue the prom/graduation series, but I’m not in the mood.


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