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The Prom/Graduation Series

A(n) (lame and vain) attempt by Bao Pham to incorporate all of his prom and graduation pictures in this harrowing, semi-serious action series! LMFAO!

ehhh… at least semi-serious for the people who are in these pictures anyways.


It’s my second day of secretly mourning as I once again reflect over that dreaded incident. But alas, there was still work to be done. I’ve led my friends of five into the lion’s den. Two of them met their ends. Even though it’s frowned upon, it’s difficult not to feel emotionally attached to them as one by one they succumbed to hails of raining hot lead. Their screams still echoed in my mind. Eerily enough, the screams were never accompanied by pleas of mercy or cries for help. Did this made me proud? Angry?

Eddie… Joshua… never again will I see them. I remembered exactly how they died…


“0300 hours. Time,” I said. Let’s get the ball rolling.


From left to right: Joshua, Vincent, Bao (me), Marcus, and Eddie

We were part of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, or simply known as Delta. We’re a highly secretive special forces organization and the Pentagon publically refuses to acknowledge our existence. Twenty-four hours ago, we were dropped by submarine over the hostile waters of N. Korea to assassinate Kim Yong-nam. We dressed in the country’s national uniform that many of its citizens must wear. We were all Asian. We were all equiped with cello cases where we stowed our HK 416 assault rifles. We all carried combat knives and M1911 pistols in our jackets as well as fake IDs and North Korean Wons. Offically, we were transfer students from Vietnam and China… but we’re actually students that carried enough ammunition to kill several hundred people. Between us, we carried over 750 rounds. (30 rounds per clip, 5 clips per person)

Today at 1500 hours, Kim Yong-nam and Kim Jong-il will visit the Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies. Amidst the crowd of 10,000 students, we will make our move. However, things go wrong. The target never arrived. Instead, men and women from the Korean army rushed the school to “quell an attempt to assassinate our Great Leader.” Our entire classroom went beneath our chairs and desks simultaneously with what must be the rest of the school.

It felt kind of eerie that everyone was eyeing us suspiciously. I was pretty sure our tracks were well-covered. We all opened up our cello cases, grabbing the weapons we weren’t supposed to need.

A Korean squad entered. The leader saw us, pointed, and yelled. We opened fire.



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