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FREMONT!! [[Warning! EXTREMELY LONG post]]

hybrid yearbook

EVHS yearbook... Mission signatures

On the 17th of June, 2009, was undoubtedly one of the most awesome days of my life. Remember this date Bao! Remember this! But that might not be anything special anymore, since all of the most awesome days do have a tendency to involve several Fremont friends. However, yesterday was really one of the best days of high school.

 Interestingly enough, the best day of high school didn’t start off as a good day period. I drove my sister home from swimming, and by the time she finished showering and dressing, we left the house at 9:40, even though we were supposed to be at Mission San Jose High School at 10:00. After leaving the house, I drove to the park to meet Van, but he was several minutes late due to family issues. We dropped off my sister at my grand parents and hit the freeway at 9:50. Ugh.

 We arrived at Mission at 10:20, 10 minutes past their lunch. There at 2 hour parking, the first awesome event happened: Xi came to meet us! Oh my God, it was Xi! I LOVE YOU XI! Van, Xi, and I wandered through the harrowing maze of hallways, lockers, and strangers that was the campus of this old high school, where Van commented it as a hybrid between Mt. Pleasant and Independence. Wider in square footage, and definitely older than EVHS, Mission High has some of the oldest lockers and classrooms you’ll ever see.

 Xi led us into a strange classroom, which turned out to be a calculus class. In that classroom… I met Vincent’s cousin Alex! From short hair to long hair, from short to tall, Alex has indeed changed in the span of the three years since we had parted. However, his pleasant personality remained mostly the same, just matured a bit more. I really couldn’t believe it. And then…

me and alex, alex et moi

me and alex, alex et moi... courtesy of Derek

 I met Melanie for the first time in at least six years. Six years! That’s already a third of my life. I couldn’t believe that I was looking right at her and as we embraced I still couldn’t process this information. The day I left Fremont for good, we never had a chance to even say good bye. And as we stood there holding each other in our arms for those brief moments, I was speechless. I was thoughtless. All I could do was close my eyes and take it all in.

 After that, I met Andrew Sutedja. (Pronounced Soo-tay-ja) We knew each other for two years and I still remember those times in Hopkins where he bought his super weak yet effective Yu-Gi-Oh deck to do battle. I still think Gravity Bind is awesome, and he had three of them. 😀 Also, I met Derek Wong. We weren’t as closed together as I was with Martin or Xi or Vincent, but I still had a good time with him at Hopkins.

We also stopped by the biology room, but freaking Erik wasn’t there.

And then… Esther out of nowhere pops into the classroom! Melanie said she’d call her over, but swept away by current events, I quickly pushed it out of the back of my mind. So when I finally saw Esther for the first time in months, I went blank. Who are you? Oh yeah. Hey… OMG HEEEEY! So glad to see you! But deep down, “so glad to see you,” was completely inadequate. You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words. All of the pictures in the world can’t possibly… *blank

Moving on…

I started feeling like a Mission student when the unthinkable happened. (this is a regular day in Mission btw and, according to a friend, happens on a weekly basis) All set to leave for lunch, then a physics teacher returned a final to a friend, which dropped his B grade down to a D, threatening an admission into UCSD. His only chance… a last minute, full fledged, physics project… in only an hour and a half. He had four options:

Build a suspension bridge out of 100 popsicle sticks.
Build a propellor powered car using no more than 9V of DC current. Diagram must be included. <– we picked this one.
Build a magnet that turns on and off or something like that, similar to what they use in junkyards.
Build another vehicle using some motor or what. (This was immediately crossed out, since no one has ever succeeded before.)

By the time we picked one, we had an hour left. By the time we received materials from other friends, we had a half hour left. I really wish I could’ve brought Saurav, Kevin, or Eddie… anyone in AP Physics. But it was only me and Van, the useless AP Chemistry fools. In the middle of the drama, I left with Van, Esther, and Melanie to go to a bagel shop. If we couldn’t come to lunch, then lunch shall come to US! We ordered several water bottles and sandwiches to go then came back at 12:36… six minutes past the infamous deadline… way waaay past the bell dismissing students from their last day.

The grade is determined by distance travelled. The car went…

in circles. But out of nowhere, however, another body was produced and it went in a very straight line… until it hit the wall on the other side of the classroom!  With the DC current powering the alluminum/duct taped propellor, the car probably went over… don’t know. Probably more than any car ever produced by EVHS.

Mission completed, everyone sat down for the sandwiches right there in the physics classroom. I got my yearbook signed, and I signed their’s as well. Only a little bit later, it was time to return home. Everyone else would come back at three for their graduation ceremony and party.

Wii and Brawl consumed me along with Van, Martin, James, and Vikki. But alas, that must end as well. That day was one of the best days of my life. I came to Mission hoping to meet old friends. Who knew I’d end up being part (even though a very small part) of the academic life of Mission. Of course, I’ve got no right to say this, since I was kind of useless… dead weight. Ugh, if only I had taken AP Physics! But still, it felt good to see this unfold. And hey… I helped carry lunch!

The next morning, however, tragedy struck as Xi was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. At 4 am during the after party, he apparently collapsed in a “seizure-like way?”

According to him, it was because of low blood pressure and hyperventilation.

He was released the same day. Thank God he’s alright now.



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  1. teriyakifan says:

    Omg.. my computer actually froze for a second in the window I was opening your blog in… lol =P Hence the warning.. but glad you had fun 😉 And congrats to the friend and the car.

  2. polnajung25 says:

    The good articles. I will bookmark this articles. Thank you.

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