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Gone are the the days of high school

and along with it, my will to blog.

Don’t know, but despite a countdown I had in sixth period stats (okay, 10 minutes left of high school. Kay, 2 minutes. One minute! 30 seconds!), it still hasn’t sunk in that there will be many people who I’ll never see again. Ever. High school is gone from our lives. Forever.

Psh right.

There’s still at least one more week of campus activities followed by summer. Summer is when it’ll really hit me. Good bye forever. Adieu. See you in a few years maybe.

I feel like blogging less and less with every new post. But once I start, it’s difficult to stop.

And oh my God, I love my friends. So many good lucks, call me when you’re famouses, fly me away when you become a pilots, have a great summers… and other uncalled for compliments that’ll make any guy blush. Day 185 of high school was so emotional, mundane, and anticlimactic.

But oh well, graduation and beyond is when things will really begin to… kick off.

And if this blog really does stay alive, please please comment! I’d feel so much more reassured if I know my old friends and classmates are reading. This blog has been directed towards you guys after all, and for any people I haven’t, but shall meet in the future.

This blog is a time machine, a diplomat, a journal, and the only proof that I can show to the world that I DO exist.

I’d wish you guys a great summer, but that’d be premature. Still got plenty of time to hang out.


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4 Responses

  1. Eddie says:

    Wow, your blog really changed since the last time I saw it (it’s been..what? 1 year?)

    Keep blogging bao! Don’t be like me who slacked off and let my blog die!

    I think I should keep blogging 😛

    We’ll see


  2. audrey says:

    i feel so sad after reading this

  3. Lorin says:

    Wow… school has gone by so fast. I feel so OLD for some reason. Don’t worry about that, though, cuz college will make me feel young again as I begin as a FRESHMAN, as opposed to finishing now as a SENIOR.

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