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4 more days

High school was never supposed to end. That’s just how it was for me. Five times a day I woke up and dreaded the upcoming AP chemistry test, or math analysis test, or U.S. history presentation. Because that’s how high school is. Going to school seeing friends is just as regular as the sun rising every day. Now I find out that my sun won’t rise anymore. Martin’s going to SOCAL. Saurav’s going to San Luis Obispo. Ugh, my two best friends in Evergreen. And I won’t set foot onto my high school campus for awhile.

And no matter how melancholy I feel about all of this, the sun will rise the next day, and life will go on, dragging me back into it like how waves drag seashells into the ocean’s abyss.

Hang in there, only 2 more years.


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