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My homework break

For the first time in five years, I screamed. Screamed full blast several times and was rewarded with a raspy voice as a nice souvenir. Screamed with eyes shut hard and mouth open. Screamed with clenched fists and flexed muscles.






I thought that if I screamed as loud as I could, all the pent up anger from years past would fly out of my mouth and be forgotten forever. I thought that if I yelled, the weight of sadness and ferocity would be lifted from my chest. Truthfully, it didn’t leave any impression on me and I felt the same crappiness as I’ve been feelinge ever since high school. But it felt so fucking good! I felt my voice echo around the empty house and my blood vessels surged with adrenaline. I had a huge-ass urge to just break everything in sight. Instead, I just screamed again. And again. It felt great.

I went back to bio homework feeling invigorated and awakened for the first time in months.


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