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Vietnam War? My parents? LIES.

I broke my new year’s resolution promising myself that I’d blog at least once a week. Well, technically that was last year’s resolution.

I spent Mother’s Day at my cousins’ place, where we had garlic-y crawfish and other Asian stuff. It was good, but the amount of meat you get from cutting your fingers on the shells wasn’t worth the effort. We sat there, discussing drugs, prom, guys and girls, etc. Eventually we reached our heritage and the war. We sat on our own table in the kitchen and looked at our parents and grandmother eating in a seperate dining room, talking about colleges and us and all the typical stuff Vietnamese parents talk about.

And the thought crossed our minds at the same time: These are the people that survived one of the bloodiest conflicts in American history. My mom that doesn’t let me drive with friends because it’s “unsafe” was the same mom that snuck out of the country and past the Communist guards. My dad who first came to this country alone and lived off of dry Instant Noodles, or so they’d have me believe, has me take out the trash or wash the car. These people sitting at the table, grounding us nearly every week, from the short grandma to the laughing uncle lived through it all. And as we looked at them chatting and laughing, the only thing that popped into our minds was a big


because these were the last people on the Earth you’d expect to be war veterans…

and that’s just something to think about. I sure did. It seems as weird as… the fact that most lipsticks contain fish scales.


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  1. teriyakifan says:

    Yeah.. it IS pretty amazing how our parents went through so much to get here 😉 My parents narrowly missed death when they escaped… being boat people and all. I figure.. it would be cool if everyone got together one day and shared our parents perilous stories of survival =P

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