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High School Senior week…

The problem with being on time is that no one is there to appreciate it. There’s always this rule of thumb that if you’re inviting Asians to your party, make sure you invite them about an hour in advance so they’ll come when the white people come (on time).

Today was also a good day for Murphy’s Law: whatever can go wrong… will go wrong. At least, for me that is. I suppose with the exception of karma always trying to kill me, today was a good day. Despite the fact that it took me an insane amount of time in Monopoly to attain even one piece of property, it was a good day. I ended up with five colored properties, not through the luck of the die, but through the power of money. ($700 for a light blue)

Panoramic pictures were also taken, followed by African singers and a senior BBQ. I heard the mess was incredible. There’s always a bunch of retards ruining it for everyone and I heard this year will be the last senior BBQ. Our BBQ was followed by hanging out with the rest of the school afterwards. Then came stats where we did a mock AP exam. After sixth period we hung out for awhile before the rest of my friends headed for Kevin’s house while I stayed back waiting for a ride that came 25 minutes en retard. A football nearly broke my laptop today. Nearly is the key word. Course, my friends said I was lucky because the ball landed less than a foot away. But it’s so obvious that luck tried and failed to screw my life over. Why are all my friends trying to defend it!? I guess the laws of probability were on my side there. Of all the places a ball can land, will it be my laptop?

My luck is so bad that if I bought a cemetary, then people would just stop dying.



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  1. you know me pretty well but not enough for me to feel safe as i'm putting an anonymous comment online says:

    grow up pessimist

  2. map0wt0fu says:

    maybe you should buy a cemetery. It’d be like selling life for you hahahaha :p

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