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When the moans are heard, it’s all over…

A crowded room with black, glossy walls, panoramic windows, and a glass elevator shaft is the opening setting. The lights are out, and the only source comes from the windows showing a foggy day. Everything is so eerie… holy crap! A bloody body, pale white, suddenly drops and dangles from the elavator shaft. It jerks and moves about… then slowly ascends back up into the dark floor above. Screams pierced my ear.

“They’re coming! They’re coming!” screamed the room’s occupants in unison. They all started running towards me in panic. I turn around and there was a stairwell exit. To hell with the elevator. I ran from the room on the 86th floor (according to the sign) and I could still hear the shrill screams and cries… pierced by moans. No one followed me down. I reached the first floor lobby and ran through the dark floor. It was night. It was pitched black that was contrasted by the white snow and full moon. Looking up at the building I could still see movement. Moans still echoed.

“Ey you! Needa ride?” I turned around. A beat up blue pickup truck with several people on the back looked at me.

“Yeah, thanks!” I hopped on and off we went, travelling through snow and dirt. We reached a large one story house. Ah, the relief. We ran as fast as hell inside the house and we locked the doors and windows as well as turned off all the lights. We waited with bated breath as we tried to fall asleep. Doesn’t look like we were followed by the ghouls. I had the luck of a front view of a clear screen door to the backyard. As I laid there in my sleeping bag, about ten minutes into the night, the porch light came on. There was movement outside. One of the people with us went outside to take a piss. Moron!

Another person ran out and I could see them arguing through the glass door. You’re not supposed to turn on a freaking porch light when you’re hiding from the living dead! I turned to the only companion left in the room… and we looked into each others’ eyes. I could tell we were both thinking the same thing: CRAP!

I scrambled out of my sleeping bag and made to turn off every damn switch in the house. How many lights did that idiot turn on!? My companion just sat there, crying her eyes out. The final light was in the laundry room, where there was a small window about a foot by a foot and a door leading outside. I switched it off just as the two people outside went through the wooden door. They both looked scared. Outside the window, I saw shadows of people. The strong winter wind carried the faintest of moans.

The two were still arguing and there was no shutting them up. I ran back and tried to pack. Batteries, flashlights, knives… all useless now I think about it. A sharp crack then reverberated in the air as the glass door shattered. I froze as I saw two of them enter, their legs cutting against the sharp broken glass. Maybe if I didn’t move, they would ignore me. A ghoul grabbed my hand. You’re an idiot I told myself. I wrenched my hand free and ran.

This dream was more exhilerating then scary. I can’t wait for the next one.

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