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Seeing Xi again for the first time in six million years was easily the best part of the day. It didn’t matter that we haven’t orally spoken to each other for a long long while or that I comletely forgot what he was supposed to look like. It’s totally a testament to our friendship’s strength when we finally talked. No awkwardness. No gaps of silence. After we met up, we got the call to meet at Starbucks, so we went, chit chattering like there was no tomorrow, talking about the illogical logic of Pokemon Pearl and discussing the concepts of being cheap. We arrived at Starbucks, but to find out that our rendezvous had, in fact, not arrived. We aimlessly walked around the coffee place until we received stares from its occupants. Then, on a whim, we decided to go to Home Depot.

The two of us daring braved the strong, icy winds as we fought our way through the parking lot just like  the famous Lewis and Clark as they fought their way through the mountains of North America. We finally reached Home Depot and then went inside to be greeted by a plethora of chandeliers and light fixures. It was like a fairytale only with the smell of fresh paint instead of magical dust. (whatever those smell like)

My phone vibrated, followed by a rough, “Ey Bao, where are you? You said to meet at Starbucks!” We left Home Depot and took another traipse through the chilly winds and an empty parking lot. The wind felt welcome after the excessively warm aisle of lights at Home Depot.

So we finally met our party at Starbucks and we messed around with games of Truth and Dare. I got slapped twice. Someone had to send a prank call. Someone chickened out. Then we had lunch. Xi and I had a light one… sushi. Then we bought tickets and watched Knowing, an enthralling film where a series of numbers predict the location and time of major disasters… as well as accurately predicts the number of people that will die. There was an airplane crash due to navigation malfunctions followed by an accident on a New York subway. And then EE. What does it mean? I’d hate to ruin the movie for you.

After the movie, we played a bit more of Truth and Dare and then had a discussion on what we’d do at the end of the world. Xi would fly a plane. I’d go to sleep. Teresa would make amends. Yeahh… pretty deep discussion.

A dinner at Fresh Choice followed discussion. Then we walked Xi to his car and said our goodbyes. We stayed a bit after, played thirteen, bought food, then my dad picked me up.

It was a good day.


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