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Bonne Anniversaire!

It’s the birthday poems’ one year anniversary. We’ve started with Teresa’s birthday and here we are again. And what better 1 year anniversary of the birthday poems then to celebrate a VERY special birthday. So with no further ado.

Teresa, Happy late 18th Birthday to YOU.

Simply put, you’re a really good friend
But more than that, you’re an amazing godsend

Thank you for all those times you’ve helped us through
And I’ve just noticed, but I’ve never seen you wear blue…

Haha, oh my God that orange sweater with the Reese’s cup
Always made me so hungry
For peanut butter


Haha, I don’t know, but I think that’s your signature shirt
Along with those hairy boots with dangling balls
You’re never afraid to dig around in the dirt
Getting to the bottom of things, digging for all that you’re worth

You’re a good friend, an awesome person
No one can go wrong to be friend with you
So Happy Birthday Teresa, live life to the fullest
And may all your wishes come true =P

And your present is 50% finished.


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