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Rule of thumb: Martin makes one crappy God. I expect nothing more from an atheist, anti-Christian, overfed, overweight… ah who am I kidding, worst best friend. This is why he’s been booted from his position as God and power has transferred to me, then Saurav. And just like that, the postponed Assassin game has been bumped up to… today on the 26th of this February (instead of the day before we all die). Rules shall be reviewed at break and target assignments will be distributed at lunch. The scoreboard can be located at Chris’s website, found on my list of blogs on the right side of the page.

Tip: Don’t trust anyone =D

Most popular poison (using this method makes kills valid in safe zones!):

Typical melee weapons for inspiration (easily concealed, but difficult to employ):

Typical ranged weapons (Convenient, but may attract attention!!):

Have fun!

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