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Winter Break

this year… is officially the most boring, the most dullest, the most uneventful… followed by this huge spike of happiness and ecstasy, down to acceptance, then evening out to mundane.

I went to Oakridge with some of the guys on Sunday where we saw the International. We were going to go bowling too, but being the really poor person who didn’t have another cent on himself, we gave that up and walked back in the heavy rain. Haha, I’m really jealous of Michelle’s group, but oh well, missing a game or three of bowling isn’t that harsh…

It’s the small things like that that makes life fun, like seeing Saurav step in this huge ass puddle, or Nam struggling to eat his lunch while walking with us, or Kevin openly gawking at an Asian girl.

This was Sunday. If we fast forward to today, Friday, we may yet surpass the dull, uneventful parts. I wake up, watch some videos on my laptop, checked Facebook, my email… and behold… the spike: an acceptance email to Cal Poly Pomona (they don’t do the letters anymore?). So there I was in bed, punching my fists in the air… then…

practiced piano, did chores, watched TV… life goes on doesn’t it?
Over the course of this break, I’ve heard people do all of these fun things. Martin went to Vegas. Esther went to Tahoe. People at the mall, movies, with friends. And what did I do for those five days?

So in conclusion, life sucks.

Oh but wait. During this week, I also discovered something from a really cool show that caught my interest:



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2 Responses

  1. map0wt0fu says:

    That is one sexy plane Bao. I’d screw that exhaust pipe and make little planes all night long hahahaha.

    hmm, screwing inanimate object sounds strange and the thought of it is making my penis tingle, in a weird unpleasant way.

  2. darkserpent says:

    So u got into CalPoly i see… VERY NICE!!! Told u so that u would get in… XD

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