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The fundamental problem of blogging…

how the hell do people find stuff to write about and I’m stuck with nothing but… this blog post. So let’s try to make this post as unique as ever.

Things I like, and therefore makes me a guy…

Things I hate that make me a guy

I should do the opposite in a future post. Hmm, I’ve never thought about the stuff that makes me less manly. Obviously, my friends make me less manly. I bet even Teresa could beat me in arm wrestling. My older cousins… some of them. Horror movies, oh god. Well, the last horror movie made me manly, because I left in the middle to play some fps in the arcade.

And now I’m thinking Scrubs and “man cards.” And now I’m thinking of Nam. Saurav making fun of Nam. Saurav making fun of Vikki. Vikki and garden gnomes. Garden gnomes to Europe. Europe to French. French to French hwk. French hwk to… kay I’m just feeling depressed now


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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    It’s okay, just cause you have tiny arms doesn’t mean you’re any less manly. You still like guns! and if you had a gun those buff people can’t do anything about it. The Heavy weapons guy on Team Fortress 2 said it best “I have yet to meet a person who can outsmart bullet” hahahahaha

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