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hollered the obnoxious school bell for lunch. I walked out of French class… then headed off to the cafeteria to where I can be by myself to think, get a head start on homework, maybe even relax. This is nice I thought. Nobody is talking to me, save for a few classmates and acquaintances that stop to say hi and share some talk and laughter for perhaps a minute. Students swirled around me like turbulent clouds revolving around a peaceful eye. So relaxing. So peaceful. So rewarding. Why don’t I ever do this as often? It seems like such a better life for me. A particularly difficult stats problem stumped me, and I looked out the window to ponder upon the elusive answer…

where I saw my real friends in another world separated by a pane of glass. I could see Saurav holding something of Vikki’s and holding it high. I could see Martin winning a wrestling match against Nam while Chris and Thanh laughs. I could see Cassi, Eddie, and Christine discussing and smiling and Teresa talking to Jenna. I saw people such as Michelle, George, James, Michael, and many others that are a large part of our group. And most importantly, I sensed (whether it’s actually there or from my imagination I won’t know) a kind of intangible bond that was invisible until now…

Screw it. I packed up my belongings and walked out of the cafeteria to my real friends, where I truly belong.

(True story)


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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    hahaha, I do that when I work. I look out the window to see what you all are doing. I plan to work way less towards the last couple months of school.

    And no, it’s not your imagination, there is a little wire that connects us all. Whether or not we feel it all the time.

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