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What I’ve Learned During ’08

In no particular order as usual… (closest friends)

Martin – heavier than expected, has expensive taste, needs well paying job to afford it

Eddie – can turn dead serious in a blink of an eye, the next four star general if I’ve ever seen one

Saurav – will walk the Earth for Starbucks, most likely a venti caramel frappuccino, will probably own his own Starbucks and will only sell drinks lathered in caramel

Teresa – can turn anti-guy and anti-girl, shouldn’t make jokes if expected to live

Christine – can be very timid and quiet, and well accomplished in piano, will maybe buy hundred dollar recital tickets in the future to watch her play

Chris – hardly ever changes, drives a red jeep with 8mpg on its license plate, expected to be easily identified next 3 high school reunions

Nam – timid, takes insults very easily, kind of nice, will achieve CEO position through sucking up, then demoted when persuaded and stung by insults (from Saurav perhaps)

Cassandra – will isolate herself for schoolwork, will believe her if she rejects by saying she’s really into her career

Vikki – …learned nothing

Marcus – good person to talk to if have problems, request for him in the future if ever in an emergency room after an accident

Xi – extremely undecisive, will never hook him up with a girl ever again

Vincent – academically smarter than previously thought, ask him for help whenever he isn’t busy

Erik – grown more perverted, keep him away from the kids whenever having him over

Kevin – obsessed with Artemis, the Greek goddess of sexuality, will probably join a cult oriented around sex

James – learned about his secret relationship with Vikki, always suspect him if wife has an affair

Bao – prone to change… a lot, bound to carry a lot of pills in the future


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2 Responses

  1. map0wt0fu says:

    oh eff dude (damn it Eric, now I can’t stop saying eff!) I hope I don’t have to see any of you after an accident 😮

    Leave the pills at home dude, they’re nothing but dead weight anyways :p

  2. cutelilgaara says:

    what do you mean turn anti-guy or anti-girl

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