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That last post…

was utter crap. Who’d have time to think SA SA SA SA SA when they’re so damn nervous? Where’s the time interval to think don’t you screw up! when you’re driving? I was totally nervous today so much that when I got out of the parking lot, I was told to turn left. Somewhere in my mind, a fuse burst and I was gonna turn… right??!

Wow, you should’ve seen the look on my examiner’s face. How about a smile from amusement and disbelief? Mocking? Comforting? Perhaps both. And, well, that’s how the first few feet went on my driving practical exam.

Very sauve.

And supposedly, this guy is supposed to be the hardest and most strict examiner in Alma (but pretty cool and friendly). My quick briefing on the route to take was a complete waste of time, because it turned out the guy makes the route like a maze and as opposite as the default routes as opposite can get. Turn at the green. Turn left at the corner. Pull in here. Back up. Get out. Make a left at the stop sign. 0_0 The last thing going through my mind was SA because when you’re into it, looking at the mirrors and blindspots become second nature.

So I think it’s really funny because I got my license several months after Martin, and I still can drive people legally before him. >D (Like, right away)

And with a mere three errors, I totally pwn at this now.

There’s a party tomorrow and I have another buche de noel to make. Watch the log turn to slop >.<


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