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Life In-Creases Chapter 3 at Evergreen, California

“No Martin! Christians are not delusional and it’s disgraceful for you to even think that!” mockingly yelled Saurav as three teenagers walked into a local sushi restaurant. Dining customers’ heads swiveled at the source of words. The waitress winced on the inside. This could not be good for business. From experience, usually teenagers that come in spend the most money. Especially this bunch. They can become rowdy, but they know how to be polite. The chubby one’s bill makes it all worthwhile anyways. She donned a confident and amiable smile and walked over. The chubby one was still talking.

“What the hell Saurav! I never said that!” whippishly and lamely retorted Martin, who, in actuality, never really did say that. Not today at least.

“Good afternoon,” simmered the waitress. “Party for three, yes?”

“You got it,” said the silent one with a smile. As the waitress led the three teenagers to their tables, she was partially
reassured with that smile. Some can always change she thought. “Well go fuck yourself!” suddenly shouted the chubby one to the Indian.

Damn it all.


The waitress led us to the table and we sat on the old, torn seats. Meet two of my best friends, Saurav Agrawal and Martin Nguyen, playing an age old game of blame and deceit. Martin, is perhaps, the most radical person I’ve ever met, on the outside that is. It’s a sense of humor that requires some getting used to once you know he doesn’t really mean it.

“Ha! Look at that delusional guy talk like a lunatic. He must be Christian! Silly Christian!”
“Damn I’m hungry. Saurav, sweat a bowl of curry for us!”
“What Saurav? Sorry, all I ever hear from you is curry curry curry.”

Saurav, my other friend, can also be your typical immature American highschooler. Intelligent but humourously cruel, nothing can ever stop him from cracking yet another insult… in a voice that carries like a politician.

“Oh dude, do I feel an earthquake coming? Oh, it’s just Martin”
“No Martin, that teacher is not fat! How could you even think that?”
“No wonder your legs are so tired Martin. Just look at what they’re trying to hold up.”

It’s perhaps one of the great mysteries of the universe how well Martin and Saurav get along together, an anomaly that will have psychologists and Nobel Prize winners scratching their heads for generations. And then there’s me, Bao. Well, you’ll get to know me better as time goes on.

Martin and I just got out of French 4, the most advanced French class offered at Evergreen Valley High School. Every Thursday, we’d go out and eat away from school. This class is one of the most tedious classes offered in my opinion, but we’ve had time to get used to it.  Still, the perfect way to release the stress that came with the two hours of French was to escape. And escape we do. Escape to hilarious conversations and mindless laughter. But things change.

“I’m telling you guys, this won’t work. If we don’t act fast, people will die.”


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