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A squadron of F-22 Raptors were flying in a delta formation across the Atlantic. It was a bright night with a full moon, in moderately cloudy conditions. It started out as an uneventful flight for me. We just finished grabbing fuel off of a USAF KC-10 Extender and were on a vector towards an airbase in Germany. There were six F-22s. I was the fourth one on the right, looking straight ahead through the HUD. Suddenly, my receiver crackled, followed by a chilling transmission.

“Holy shit! What the fuck! Get the hell off me!” a pilot screamed. Alarmed, I looked over and saw that the F-22 furthest to my right was very unstable. It made several severe pitch oscillations as it flew, nearly colliding with another fighter.

“Oh my God, Kevin! What’s your status? What’s-”  Suddenly, its cockpit went dark and the fighter nosed down. Shakened but resolute, we continued. But less than a few seconds after, another F-22, the second furthest to the right, was wobbling, reminiscent to the first Raptor that was lost. Before anyone could speak, the cockpit went dark and the fighter drifted away in a graceful bank against the full moon. Not a single scream was heard in our headsets. It’s just like he was never there. Right after the second pilot lost contact, the third F-22, the one to the direct right of me darkened. Without warning. No more light or sound transmitted from that aircraft as it continued to fly in formation, like a dead ghost. I was trembling. 1st Raptor on the right goes dark, 2nd Raptor on the right, 3rd… my god. I was next.

In panic, I disengaged the autopilot, slammed my throttle forward,  and engaged my afterburners. My two Pratt and Witney turbofan engines spun at 100 percent thrust. I broke formation, climbing as high and as fast as I can. I felt sweat as I was shaking and struggling to breathe. My fighter nosed up dead vertical and continued flying towards the starry heavens. The g’s were pressing down hard on my chest, as if some monstrous invisible hand was intent on crushing me. Suddenly, I felt something on my leg, followed by a cracking noise. I looked down onto the cockpit floor… and saw a woman paler than the moon with eyes concealed in the shadows of her eye sockets. She was on my ankle, climbing up on my legs while clinging my olive green flight suit. Her mouth opened and an eerie creaking noise flew out of her mouth to bombard my ears. I could do nothing with the g-forces ramming me into my chair. 

I shoved my joystick down to level out my Raptor and cancel the restraining g-forces, than rolled inverted to throw her off. Hell broke loose. Dark sky and clouds played the blue ocean and the ocean took the sky’s place. I heard the turbofans whine in protest as the plane wobbled while I was shoving her away, elbow knocking on my joystick. The engines quit. The electrical systems failed and all went dark in my confined cockpit. Except for her. She glowed as bright as the pale white moon. The last vision I saw was her face inches from mine, coldness radiating like the light from the warm golden sun or like the dread from my heart. She tore off my oxygen mask… She lunged.

f_22_raptor_1 f22_cockpit

ju-on afg-080505-005

And I woke up sweating.


This was the price I had to pay while I watched The Grudge with Teresa and Xi.

I had a lot of fun writing this post. I’m really proud of it.

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7 Responses

  1. June Tongco says:

    It’s a great fighter plane that makes the russia, china, north korea …. to think several times before doing the next move.
    With its gadgets it can strike enemy territory in total secrecy and silence.

  2. Jon Hess says:

    To answer your question about why you’re getting so many hits, has a story that the F-22 was canceled by the senate, and this is one of the top hits for “F-22” on google.

  3. Amir Ali says:

    Guys, it was a devil there was a devil in the cockpit. But don’t be afraid of these pricks and remember not to look at Satan’s movies because the Masons (devil worshipers) has tainted hollywood along with “The Omen,” “The Matri,x, etc. They’re magicians who cause the devils to come to you…in other words Black magic. But you shouldn’t worry unless you see these things, and remember everything is in God’s care and God is the supreme guardian of his believers… if you indeed watch these films, you’ll end up feeling mushy at the end and a weird bad feeling along with your head feeling mushed. In other words, this is called Black magic.

  4. JB.KJ says:

    If you were to say this, I’m sure you’re right.

  5. emery chandler says:

    dude at first i thought you were actualy describing your own experince Until the end…………that was very detailed. very good . you could make a story along that line

  6. Bao Pham says:

    haha, thanks! That made my day 😀 Really.

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