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I’ve read two posts in a row with Youtube music videos of love: 525,600 minutes and color schemes. Enough music for today right? Carolling practice was enough for one day. So… I propose two videos (1 to counter each) that are polar opposites of deep, music videos: shallow comedy. Go nuts!

If this is just your average Japanese rent-a-cop… what can you expect from the best!? =O

Punchline translation, round 1: And you were betting on him.
Punchline translation, round 2: Bet you thought he’d get away with it this time.

And to finish it off, an awesome Target commercial

Hope you enjoyed!

Ohhhhh…. okay, one more. So I can pull ahead!

Unlike what’s suggested from above, Vader can be cruel.

Okay, NOW it’s done.

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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    the song isn’t called “color schemes”, it’s called “gets better” by mates of state. but nice try hahaha.

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