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The perfect number

I got to drive to Silver Creek Square today and spent an hour at Starbucks with a cold Mint Mocha Frappuccino and my backpack laden with schoolwork. I was the only customer there, but somehow, it didn’t bother me… which was odd because in that situation I’d normally feel awkward. Suddenly, this awesome Starbucks employee and told me that they were getting rid of their croissants and I can have them for free! Around $0.85 each, who could resist? But I couldn’t take the entire tray even though he insisted I could. He gave me a paperbag and some of the pincer things and I grabbed four of them. (The perfect number it turned out to be) I couldn’t stop the ‘thank you’s’ from coming out of my lips even if I wanted to. When I came back, needless to say, I felt pretty lucky. It was about time I got such a break and I was starving. School’s going really bad and I’m still exhausted from the dark hours of staying up for college applications.

My mom and my sister were pretty excited over the free pastries and they each grabbed one, leaving me with two.

My sister came back with my mom from her tutoring center and we embarked on our foggy drive home via Yerba Buena. Suddenly, I saw a car, license plate Georgia, with its engine hood up. Outside in the freezing cold was a father and a young girl. We stopped by to help, but it turned out he already called for a tow truck. We were about to leave, and I remembered the two remaining croissants left in the sack.

As we drove off, I sincerely hoped that the two of them make it out okay and that they enjoyed the pastries from Starbucks. And again, somehow, as always with my horrible luck, I’m left with nothing… zero… zilch.

But tonight, I’ll sleep happy.
I’ve always been complaining in this blog about how I was born to be used. I thought the reward that karma or God left me were those two free pastries. But it turned out that four was the exact number that I needed to help out people. So many things clicked perfectly for this to happen. If I had driven home, I wouldn’t have noticed the two Georgians. If I’d felt awkward and had left like I’d usually do. If we didn’t have tutoring, we would’ve missed them. Starbucks gave me free pastries today alone. I chose to grab only four of them. I ended up with nothing, but learned a valuable lesson. My reward was happiness, wonder, and the discovery that mankind isn’t all heartless.

Tell me now that there isn’t some greater force at work.


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3 Responses

  1. Audrey says:

    that’s so friggin awesome. šŸ™‚

  2. crispy001 says:

    Bastard! Let’s see one of them take you through 2 US history projects and play cards with you and help you laugh at kevin! Or talk about cool tech stuff! C’MON BAO! YOU DISAPPOINT ME!

  3. crispy001 says:

    Yeah so I commented on the wrong box LOL. Crappy logging in. D=

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