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Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. A toast yeah?

Je voudrais remercier mes amis. Je vous aime beaucoup. Sante!

Martin, you’re one of my best friends. Your humourous approach at problems in life, your free rides, and your hedonist nature when it comes to good food, I wish I could be more like you.

Saurav, I don’t know how the hell you do it, but I wish I could cheer others up as well as you do. However, I’m most envious of how you can sneak off good grades without even trying. I’m really thankful for having you as a friend. Thanks for being cool about the curry jokes! And thanks a ton for helping me with my personal statement.

Hey Teresa, we haven’t been talking much until recently. I’m thankful for you because I’ve learned and rediscovered so many things when I’m in your company. For the past three years, you were just Martin’s cousin. But now you’re one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had.

Eddie, you’ve done wonders for my academic career and, more importantly, my character. The lessons you’ve brought to me I shall carry throughout my life. But of course, most importantly, thanks for being there as a friend.

Thanks Christine for being an unforgettable presence. Whenever I’m sad, you’re always there with a hug in hand. I’m one of the luckiest persons alive to have met you.

Hiya Van. I wish you were here with us still, but we’re lucky to have you come for carolling. Let’s raid Starbucks! Thanks for being there with me during my rough junior year, thank you for helping me out with chemistry, and thanks for being the friend you have been, and the friend you are now. My life would’ve been drastically different without you street brother.

Vikki, thanks a lot for introducing The Office. Thanks a ton for screwing up my MLK library visit with taking it with you The Office. Thanks for being a distraction for me during all of our library visits. BUT, [I’ll say this part with no sarcasm] thank you for existing and being an important part of my life.

Marcus, thanks for your company and your words of wisdom. You have a quality that grabs a person’s hope and just catapult it high into the stars. That, and your sense of humor… I’ll always laugh when I look back at you hanging out with us. Hoped you enjoyed our sushi lunch. Come with us more often!

Uhh, thanks… Thanh. Ummm… LOL. jk man. Thanks Thanh for your insults and jokes at me and everyone else. Thanks for helping me in my English video, and thanks for being part of the singing trio. We make quite a team. Thanks for always being with us whenever we go out and eat. Hell, just thank you Thanh for being there. 😀

Hey Vincent! Thank you for being born. You were my very first friend the day I set foot into Fremont, and still one of my best friends today. It’s awesome that Mrs. Brooks assigned us the same seats huh? I will always appreciate your company. Come by soon.

To Erik, thanks for being my very second friend, and inviting me to the first football game I’ve ever played.

Thanks Xi, you’re one of my best friends. It was through you that I’ve become closer to so many people, especially Andrew and Teresa.

Thanks Melanie, for giving me some of the best moments in my entire life. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you Esther, for always giving me support while I was a scrawny kid in the 7th grade. I remember that you were caring and that you were one of the most amazing people I’ve met.

FInally, thank you to my family, for always pushing me hard. I appreciate all you’ve done for me.

Of course, if I didn’t mention you, then thanks for being a part of my life too. I mean, everyone that I talk to but aren’t too close to, you’re all still a part of my life. Love you all

Cheers, to everyone


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  1. cutelilgaara says:

    You’re welcome.

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