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Something really really odd…

When I woke up today, I realized this trend that’s been going on for the past few years: The best sleep I ever have always ends up with the blankets crumpled and wild, the pillows thrown, the sheets ripped, and myself refreshed, yet disoriented. So one must ask… wtf happens to me during the best of sleeps!?



I’m really nervous right now. SAT IIs are in two weeks and I got math II and physics to worry about. Physics freshman year wasn’t the fondest of memories for me, but hopefully things will pick up. I’ve always wanted to go into the realms of aerospace because I love the concept, the logic, of how a piece of wood or metal could soar into the clouds. The math… not as much. The math is all that worries me as I plow blindly into a world… kind of like looking at a person. This person would have the perfect smile, the perfect eyes… the perfect face. But what about personality, the attitude beneath all of the superficial layers?

That’s aerospace engineering for me. So beautiful, complex, amazing. But would the math kill me? Math to this day still baffles the best of rocket scientists. The human race proves nearly everything through the means of science and mathematics. We use carbon dating to prove the age of dinosaurs and vases. We predict the path of whole galaxies with Newton’s laws of physics. We can measure the accelaration of a space shuttle with calculus. In fact, it’s should be possible through the field of theoretical physics to prove the existence of God. But why can’t we show how a bumblebee can stay aloft with a heavy body and a not so large wingspan?

I understand how it happens, how the airplane flies, how to prove the age of a vase, how to prove the existence of God. But how much lift does the wing produce? What equation is used with the carbon-14? This is what scares me the most. And yet… at times, the logic isn’t at all logical in the work, the equations, on paper in the form of math. Probably not true, but for me, I find that logic makes more sense in the form of English rather than calculus or statistics. Ah crap, that reminds me I have a statistics test on Monday. I’ll have to study after I proofread a UC statement.


haha, this is soo cool. i’m blogging while sitting in bed! having a laptop does have its perks!

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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    hahahaha, Einstein said it best when he said “do not worry about your mathematical difficulties, i can assure you mines are greater yet” or something to that effect. But the point is that math is a hard subject, a few days ago rocket scientist finally were able to prove Einstein’s equation E=MC^2. It took a whole team of French, German and something else scientist to prove what Einstein did. Nevertheless, we understand it through looking at old mathematicians and by practicing it. Like English, we look at previous writers to better out skills, we read, write and practice our English. Don’t be afraid or worry that math may kill you, spend some extra time to get it down and if you need help there are a lot of resources around (your friends and the internet are good places to start)So yeah, that’s, enjoy your mathing.

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