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Prompt 1

Sparks scattered euphorically as they swirled above the July 4th family campfire, oblivous to the problems of the world and the challenges that school poses. My eyes followed an individual spark’s journey upwards, as it seperated from the rest, paved its own direction. It’s path… so chaotic, yet beautiful… even as it extinguishes itself into the starry night sky. Its path reminded me a bit of my own life and the spiraling, dizzying journey it took. As I grew up, I was taught to appreciate the elegance in complexity, such as the brilliant intricacy of one spark’s path traveling through the vibrant night sky. 

Much like the spark, my life has been marked by sudden changes. Throughout the entire course of my life, I switched schools no less than nine times and declared four houses my “home” until I moved into my fifth and current one here in San Jose, California. I’ve gone to school in three different cities and have gained and lost many friends in the process. I’ve learned how to endure losses and embrace change. However, it was spending nearly two years in the competitive and the insensitive heat of Fremont that had the most impact on me. I’ve learned that stumbling, tripping, and falling painfully on your back may not always make victory that much sweeter and more worthwhile like everybody says. The world may not mourn for you. It’s just a process that you might have to go through to reach your destination, your light at the end of the tunnel. Your manner of arriving, no matter how spectacular or how awkward, may not matter to anybody but yourself.

But I’ve also learned through the hardships and heartbreaks that what drives you to survive the losses is passion. For me, my passion was my solitary refuge from the harsh weathers of life. What you’re passionate about is vastly significant because it defines who you are and how you’re different from countless others. Many find that their passion lies in the blood and sweat of a sport. My passion lies with the speed, the agility, and the raw power you could only find if you looked at a sleek, high performance fighter that would passionately claw its way to the skies above. My dream come true is if they could fly higher and faster and become smarter and safer! In my eyes, an aircraft is the epitome of elegance in complexity in one of its truest forms, from its amazing shape down to the miles of wiring it hides. I find it spectacular.

Living with my love for airplanes in a community that longs to major in the medical field has intensified my fervor for the field of aerospace. It’s exciting to stray off the worn path and pursue a different dream, like that solitary spark leaving the others for some unknown reason. But hopefully, I’ll be able to last at least a tad second longer than that spark.

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  1. Christine says:

    …now I feel intimidated. These essays are soo stressful >.<

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