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Think Jingle Bells when reading

Marcus’s birthday song


Crashing through the years
With a backpack and a bike
Oh what a blur it’s been…
Having friends and fights

Seemingly attractive
Facing the big one-eight
Oh how prepared for life you are
But that’s up for debate

‘Cause… it’s the day, the big one eight
You are now a man
Paying bills, having dates
Driving mini-vans… ANS

Having kids, losing jobs,
Making pension plaans
But all of that’s long from now

Today you are a man!!!!!!




Haha, hope I didn’t freak you out there. Happy 18th birthday Marcus! And to think you still feel the same and will wake up the next day with a woman who says she’s your wife. Ah well. Have a good eighteenth year of life my man.





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One Response

  1. map0wt0fu says:

    Ohh, what a nice song. Pension plans? Kids? Bills? I’m not 30 dude hahaha. But thanks for the song anyways.

    If I wake up tomorrow with a new wife, I will blame you Bao. I don’t need such a ball and chain just yet…

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