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Looking at my stats, I found that my most recent post received 4 views yesterday. I’m pretty freaked out because the password was a random letter followed by 8 random numbers. How anybody got through is beyond me. So yeah, I changed it again. I hope none of my friends have seen it because they’re just too valuable to me. I ranted on some of them, but when I look back, I found out how weak I am and perhaps found a tinge of jealousy hiding in the corners of my mind. I feel like I should apologize to the people I’ve talked about in the protected post, but another part of me yells, “Fuck it. You’ve had a horrible day yourself. You don’t need to apologize.” It’s the same part that had me swearing today as I ran in the rain from Lunardi’s to EVHS, then back because of a miscommunication with my ride, who thought he was supposed to pick me up 15 minutes to 4, which left me standing in the rain for over close to an hour.

I post many of these posts to make me feel better, not to hurt you. After all, friends make my life worth living. That’s why I protect them. There’s this one part of me that becomes satisfied and tells me, “Alright, Bao. Great job, you’ve posted it and it’s out in the open. And they can’t even see it.” I felt really dark and actually felt to go as far as changing my design to something dark. Needless to say, I felt even worse when I found out that my password had been shattered. But how? If you knew the order in the first place, how’d you beat the 2600000000:1 chance?

Well I guess, friendships are more important than whatever. So just to be safe, I’m really sorry towards the people that I was angry with in the protected post and would like to thank the ones that brought me up from the dumps, especially the one that does it all the time. I can’t really appreciate that until now. And I sincerely hope with all my heart that you guys accept my apology.

But to make me feel better, if you’re the one that cracked the code, please IM me so we can talk. Because honestly, only the people closest to me are supposed to see that. And I haven’t even told them yet.


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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    er bao, you know that when people click on a protected post, they don’t have to enter a password to count as a view. All they have to do it click on the title…but regardless, it’s nice to know you care.

  2. Bao Pham says:

    haha, i appreciate your concern, but the post isn’t about you guys. well, maybe a sentence or two, but it’s for the damn mipitas pricks.

    thanks anyways

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