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Another birthday poem

Oh my God,
Oh Mon Dieu!
Another birthday poem.
Audrey! This is for you!


You’re kind and gentle
Filled with care
Filled to the brim
With enough left to share.

Because seriously, you’re totally one of a kind
Whenever I’m around you, cloudy days seem to shine
There’s always an air around you
That only seems benign

Always willing to help, willing to toss a line

You totally deserve recognition, for everybody to shout
Happy Birthday Audrey! Keep growing!

You’re totally awesome. I can say this without a doubt.

(Wish I knew you better! More things to rhyme with that way.)

 There’s a check for a hundred thousand dollars and a free trip to your favorite destination via private jet. Enjoy!



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One Response

  1. map0wt0fu says:

    hahaha, you’re getting better at these.

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