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Oh, the varieties!!!!!!!!!

You know how many Asian parents only want their kids to marry other Asian kids? Oh. Well if you didn’t, there’s news for you, and another thing to add on the list of what you’ve learned today. Anyways, it’s been great. Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I really felt wanted and loved… and warmer all over then I’ve ever been in days!

We live in an international society nowadays, especially here in the mixing pot known as San Jose. And as always, there is always inter-racial marriages. Now some parents aren’t okay with that. My mom is different. She had always told me to marry someone based on my food preferences. If I like Japanese food, marry a nice Japanese girl so she can make you sushi every day. If you like burgers, marry a blonde chick!

Well, that reminds me of the day I ate at Tandoori Oven, a restaurant that we got lost coming to, then find out it’s right next door to Asian gourmet, this Asian restaurant we’ve been eating at for ages. All in all, Indian food is crazy good.

Daang. Well if that’s the case, people should know that after having Vietnamese food for so many days of my life, I’m sick of it and won’t marry a Viet girl. Ewwwwww.

Well basically…

I love sushi…

I think Italian food is AWESOME. Fettuccine Alfredo (Just found out Fettuccine Alfredo isn’t Italian. Thanks Valentina!)  and lasagna and whatnot… can’t find an Italian girl that’s NOT a jpeg file and simultaneously not wearing a bra.  Dammit Google! So… moving on.

French food ain’t so bad either.

And my most recent taste of Indian food was superb.

….eh, no more. Now that I look in depth of my mom’s suggestion, I feel really really weird right about now. At least I’m happy with everything now!



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  1. teriyakifan says:

    Well just my two cents, but I ate 3 Japanese meals every day for a week, and seriously, every food eaten too often gets boring 😉 Before you know it, you’ll be tired of pasta, cheese, croissants, exotic meals, etc.

  2. A. Nguyen says:

    Anybody, no matter who you are Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian or Finish should be proud of their own culture

    I like people who marriage the ones they love, don’t care about origin country or color

    One of the privilege to live in America- with international society- is you can easy to learn about other cultures, and first thing to do that is through their foods

    I have been tasted many different foods, and liked them, some more than others. But I am not sick of my own foods.

    If someone is sick of he own culture; he should be sick of himself
    And if he screams out loud on his webblog, he’s just plain dumb or…dumber

    If I have a son like that, I would be very embarrassed

    PS: “ewwwwwww” is for teenage girls

  3. Bao Pham says:

    Ouch man, that really hurts! 0_0 But at the same time, I just can’t stop laughing. Sorry… (but not sorry at the same time)

    You are right about one thing:

    Yes, indeed, it’s an outstanding privilege to be living in the U.S., especially in San Jose, CA, where it’s truly a mixing pot of different cultures and traditions. You meet a lot of people from many races and it’s totally a blast!

    But with the rest of your comment, passionate as it may be… it’s really, well… wrong! Not just that, but it’s incredibly offensive to me. So you’re saying that because I’m Vietnamese, I’m not allowed to dislike Vietnamese food.

    …because if one’s Vietnamese and dislikes his own food, he somehow ends up “being sick” of his own culture.

    “I have been tasted many different foods, and liked them, some more than others. But I am not sick of my own foods.

    If someone is sick of he own culture; he should be sick of himself,” says you.

    Totally incorrect. And so what if I’m sick of Vietnamese food because I’ve had them so often. Big deal! I can’t believe anybody would have a problem with that!

    I absolutely REFUSE to you to judge me based on a single post as a reference. So umm, I’ll enlighten you.

    1. I am DAMN proud of where I came from. I am proud of being an American, but it feels even better when I can add “Vietnamese -” in front of it.

    2. I do not plan to marry based on my food preferences. If you’ve read my post carefully, it says, “…Now some parents aren’t okay with that. My mom is different. She had always told me to marry someone based on my food preferences. If I like…” and she was saying it as a joke.

    3. And YES, I’m almost POSITIVE you’re judging me based on that one post, because if you’ve seen some of my recent ones, it’ll say, “…Even though I’ve been voted “most likely to marry a white, blonde chick” amongst my friends, I can see myself most likely making my vows to another Vietnamese girl…”

    I’m very tempted to say that if I had a son like you, I’d be embarassed, but I reserve that judgement because I’m trying not to judge you based on one mean but… baseless… comment. Please, I made this post for fun, not as a base where people can attack me. I guess I’m sorry for not making my feelings about heritage stronger. But at the same time… I’m not.


  4. valentina ITALIA says:

    i’m an italian girl (wearing a bra…..)…. I just wanted to point out two things: the picture you used shows no Italian food,
    the “Fetuccine alfredo” is not Italian food (in Italy you don’t eat it and are not on the menu)…
    do tou like real italian food? use this link and good apetite

    • Bao Pham says:

      Hi from California! Thanks a lot for the website, although I did get uncomfortably hungry just looking at the pictures =P (Especially the Ricciarelli di Siena)
      I’m no longer sure if I’ve had real Italian food anymore though (ignorant American hahaha), because of your comment! But yeah, I’m pretty sure I love Italian cuisine.

      Haha, and I added a correction to the Fettuccine Alfredo portion, so thanks a lot for pointing that out! But I still left it on there, because I personally find it to be one of my favorite dishes ever.


      (and if you’re wearing a bra, than you’re definitely not a JPEG file haha) okay my jokes are weird, but at least I understand them 0_0

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