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Political status…

Today, the 20th, was the last day to register to vote in this awesome, Golden state of California. And I barely made it to the post office before it closed. And I tell ya…

the hardest part was choosing the right political party. I did everything! I asked on Y!A, and even read through the longest political party platforms ever! And I guess… I’m now Democratic. It was either that or American Independent. I don’t know… I guess I was always more of a liberal type of a person and the democrats made more sense to me. That… and McCain seemed kind of harsh on the debates.

The funny part is, though the majority of the Californians are democratic, my entire family is Republican. Ferociously Republican. To the bone. Like… EVERYONE. My mom’s side, dad’s side, the others in the family I don’t know about, the cousins who aren’t old enough to vote yet (you should hear them. “I’m Wepubwican.”), the older, meaner cousins, the old crazy aunts that try to steal their son’s and daughter’s votes… literally every single being of my family. All Republican. I must be insane for thinking like a Democrat in such an intolerant family. Imagine their reactions when they find out they’ve got one democrat infiltrating the family. 



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One Response

  1. marcus says:

    Oh fuck your parents, be whoever you want. Maybe you’ll bring sanity to your insane Republican family, hahaha

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