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Oh where’d that good old jingling, ring ting tingling gone?

Now I’m totally helpless, without that one selfless dong.

(I love that tune)

Whooo! Christmas is coming! The season of giving! I’m really tired of how I’m ahead of times. But that’s not what the jingle is referring to.

Last Saturday, I took the bell off my cellphone because… I admit it. It was too loud for the kind of testing atmosphere I was in. So before I left home, I took the bell off and my phone was rid of such incessant tinkling everytime I move. But I miss it.

Like a cowbell, the sweet little tinkle tells me where my phone is. If I leave it in my pocket and it’s in a basket of old clothes, I just shake them all rather then check each individual pocket. So now I have my awesome bell, sitting right next to me.

My phone is still waiting to be found.

We’ve had so many things happen in this group, with experience and whatnot. Take Saurav alone for example. With just us, he’s had his first banh bao, stepped into his first Vietnamese restaurant, ate the spiciest sauce in his life, probably had more coffee and rootbeer then ever, had his first taste of Japanese food, and ate at a buffet during Open seventh.

Myself? I’ve never sung in public, I’ve never eaten at a restaurant without a parent or relative, have never eaten anything as damn spicy as thermonuclear fries, never eaten with an Indian person outside of school, never had as much coffee, never spent as much time downtown, drove in a car without adults, or have ever eaten at a buffet during school hours. I swear, I don’t think I’ll live happily without an open seventh.

Today is a story worth telling: the day when Saurav tried wasabi with his Japanese food. We (as in the Asian people. Indian guy was clueless) all knew what was coming. We were all ready for it.

Martin: Okay Saurav. Here’s a little bit. After you put it in your mouth, breath in through your nose really hard.

Bao: Don’t forget to spread the wasabe all over your tongue.

(The smiles on Thanh’s and Teresa’s faces were to die for at this point)

Martin: Yeah. Spread it, then breathe.

Saurav: : *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffff Holy SHIT! What the hell!

And we watched the clueless guy’s head literally jerking upward 90 degrees before swiveling left another 90 degrees, nose cupped in hands. All in a record speed of less than a second. Not a bad lesson learned for a first time in a Japanese sushi restaurant.

Wasabi is good with moderation. Anyone who read this! I’m warning everyone who reads this post and have never had sushi before. Wasabi is good with moderation. WASABI IS GOOD WITH MODERATION.

After that, there was coffee and… intimate insinuations, only I’m just trying hard not to make it sound dirty. It was pretty good. Saurav got a venti caramel frap, Thanh got a white chocolate… thing, teresa got a green tea… thing, Martin got a pumpkin spice frap, and I forgot what I had. OH. Ice caramel macchiato. Extra caramel. We talked for about an hour before seeing Jocelyn and this guy in my art class.

Rock on guys. And I’d like to know…

What have you done that you’ve never done before in our group??


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2 Responses

  1. cutelilgaara says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever eaten with my friends.
    This is the first time I’ve eaten with only guys.
    This is the first time I’ve had so much fun in a restaurant.
    Memories with you guys are definitely amazing.

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