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Meandering thoughts of a Bay Area college student… be prepared for some bipolar vocabulary

Bao should die.

I don’t know, but I think Bao should be killed off. Bao should be less sarcastic, less quiet. More sympathetic, nicer, courteous, and harder working. More witty. Bao shouldn’t criticize others anymore, or as much. Bao should be more patriotic, but more open to foreign concepts and ideas. Bao should love God more, love his friends more, love his family more. Bao should practice abstinence over fun. Bao should focus on college more.

Ugh, they say insane people talk in third person.

Every night when I sleep, I make a gun with my fingers and shoot myself in the head. It’s become this strange habit of mine. I think it’s a mechanism my conscience has come up with. It knows it’s supposed to be dead already. It knows it’s already living on borrowed time. Sooner or later, the hammer will fall and the verdict will be permanent. I hope when it does, I’ll be happy and content. I wish I could do that now.

Nah. Just get me over with college apps.



And wow, two posts in a span of 5 minutes. I’m becoming worse then Teresa!


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